Tale of two quilts

I would like to try to keep on target for my goals for 2014 finishes. To do that I am leveraging two link-ups

  1.  A lovely year of finishes which is a monthly link-up which allows you to put a goal for that month. It could be finish blocks or finish a quilt top or a complete project. Link-up post is here.
  2. Finish Along 2014 which is a quarterly link-up in which you have a list of projects you would like to completely finish. For example, a quilt that has been bound and quilted (not just a top), the same goes with any other project.

    Finish Along 2014

My main goals are to finish two quilts (one being a lap quilt and the second a twin) this quarter:

Riley Blake Challenge Quilt

X & + Quilt

Additional smaller projects include:
Border + Lines Quilt I: Hothouse of OrchidsHothouse_of_Orchids

Pillow Projects


Pot holders

12 thoughts on “Tale of two quilts

  1. katechiconi

    Ooooh, love the colours on Hothouse of Orchids! I know you can do it. There’s nothing like making your goals public and a spot of gentle peer pressure to make you stick to a schedule…

  2. daisyaschehoug

    Whoa. I thought that was a crazy list for January, but now I see it’s for a quarter. Pshew… I was about to have major production envy. Well, I still do have that – you DO work fast! I’ll be cheering you on to your finishes!

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