Thank you!! Giveaway for reaching 500 followers

Over the last week, I reached 500 followers (between wordpress and bloglovin’)!!! I was so surprised. I started this blog and quilting in September 2012, to find people with similar interest, that I can learn from and be inspired by, as I was embarked on this new crafting/arts journey.

You all have been so supportive, and I am constantly amazed at how wonderful the quilting/craft community is.

Giveaway time. To celebrate the 500 followers I am giving away:

  • One of the books that have been featured so far in “Book Review Tuesdays
  • Your choice of 2 x 1/2 yards of any prints featured in the Sunday Stash posts of 2014 (as long as they are still available, please note not all fabrics are shown in the below mosaic…for full selection check out the posts)
  • All three of my Craftsy patterns, and I will also include my new Tapa Star patterns (though they are untested and currently just the paper piecing templates).
  • Your choice of hexagon coffee cup sleeve and matching mug rug or a triple zipper pouch (colors of your choice).
    IMG_0989 TripleZipper_Technicolor_front

If you are a reader (no need to follow) leave a comment below, letting me know, what your choices are for each of the above items (ie. which book, which 2x 1/2 yards and whether you would like the coffee cup sleeve or zipper pouch). I will randomly choose a winner, next Saturday (22 March), after 6pm EST.

Also, if you are one of my top 5 current commenters (based on wordpress statistics, top commenters over the last 1000 comments) you will have an email from me later today, for a $50 USD gift certificate to Hawthorne threads!!

Thank you so much….If you want to become a new follower, check out the right hand menu for bloglovin and email buttons. For the wordpress folks – you can follow using the button on the ribbon at the top of the post.

One final thing, check out Melissa’s post today over @ Sew Bitter Sweet Designs about “A Lovely Year of Finishes”. They do such a great job in organizing this link-up month to month….and today I am the participant highlight!! I hope you all are having a great weekend.

95 thoughts on “Thank you!! Giveaway for reaching 500 followers

  1. Amy C

    2. Well done you!!! 500 is a fab number. I would love to win any of the books on the top row but Brave New Quilts would be my #1 choice, I adore the red Madhuri fabrics and would love a triple zip pouch!! So much fun!

  2. Michele T

    3. Holy 500 Batman!!! I doubt that I will make it for one of you top commenters but please toss my name in the hat for your giveaway!!! If I won I’d pick Pillow Pop, madhuri Medallion Red, and the coffee cup sleeve with matching mug rug!!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Audrey

    4. Whoa! Congrats! 500 is a great number! 🙂 I’d pick Practical Guide, Alison Glass or Leah Duncan (yum), and a triple zip. Here’s to another 500! 🙂

  4. buntyw

    5. Congratulations Michelle!!
    I would choose Quilt Lab, sun print feathers lime, sunrise print text charcoal and the zippered pouch!!

  5. Nancy

    6. I would choose the Practical Guide to Patchwork, the sunrise print text charcoal and the zippered pouch. Thank you!!

  6. June @ QuiltQuest

    7. I would choose:
    Book: Quilt Lab
    Fabric: Pointelle Yellow (or any Sylvia B&W)
    Treat: Triple Zip Pouch

    Fabulous give away to celebrate your 500 followers. Best of luck and thank you for putting my name in the hat for the giveaway!

  7. Marjorie Nath

    8. Congrats on having 500+ followers. I would choose, Zakka Style, the Japanese stripped prints (very difficult decision)and the Three zipper pouch. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a generous giveaway.

  8. billiemick

    9. Congratulations! Nice large round number…:)

    Zakka Style
    Gray fabric with bright yellow
    Triple Zip pouch

    Thanks for the chance.

  9. linynp

    11. They are all wonderful! Hmmmm can’t decide which I like more since I love them all!!(although quilting lab and quilt look great. Any of the fabric bundles since they are all amazing! Oh and the zipper pouch- awesome!

  10. katechiconi

    12. Wow, congratulations! Your blog is fun, informative and good to look at, so I can see why it’s so popular! I’d like to win Stitch Circle in Navy (failing that, any of the others!), Quilting Line + Colour and the triple zip pouch.

  11. sarahschraw

    13. You are so generous and such a good friend! Thanks so much.

    If I win, I’d like Zakka Style, 2 fabrics of your choice from one of your more unusual fabric sources like Spoonflower or Umbrella prints, and a triple zip pouch. 🙂

  12. Erin

    14. Michelle, congrats (such HUGE congrats) on reaching 500 followers. That’s amazing! Clearly other people recognise how interesting and beautiful your posts are :-). And you are being ridiculously generous with your giveaway. I’m throwing my hat in the ring, simply because your prizes are too good to resist 🙂
    I’d be going for Zakka Style and the triple zip pouch. As far as fabric, I’m almost at a loss! You have had some gorgeous fabric come through your stash in the last few months… Maybe so me of the Alison Glass feathers (something I ve looked at but never pushed “purchase” on).
    Congrats agin!
    E xx

  13. Joanne S

    16. Wow! Congratulations on reaching 500. Thanks for such an opportunity, too! I’d love “The Practical Guide to Patchwork,” Tule, Sand Dunes in Golden fabric, and the Triple Zipper Pouch.

  14. Heidi

    17. Zakka Style, some of the stash builders you recently posted about, and a pouch 🙂 You are so very generous! Congrats on the accomplishment!

  15. Jannette B

    18. Congratulations on 500 followers!
    I had a hard time choosing from the books and fabrics that you posted – there are so many wonderful options; I finally decided on “Quilting From Little Things…”; the red Sun Print Feathers; dark grey Triangulations; and the zippered pouch. Thanks for your generosity!

  16. Renee

    19. There’s 48 readers on Feedly too! I’d love the Quilt Lab book, I think the second from the bottom left fabric, or bottom right, and a triple zip in aqua/teals!

  17. daisyaschehoug

    20. Oh my goodness! What a splendid giveaway!!!! I pick Quilt Lab, any Umbrella Prints (yep, this girl knows how to order top shelf), and a mostly blue pouch with any ther colors mixed in!

  18. Lisa in Port Hope

    22. 500 followers is indeed impressive, congratulations! I think it speaks to the wonderful crafting community and how we support each other. I would love a copy of Quilt Lab, seeing as I am a nerdy engineer 🙂

    1. Lisa in Port Hope

      And then I realized that I didn’t speak to the other goodies you are offering. Safari Moon butterflies, yes please! and a triple zip pouch (I made one last year, it is so handy that I know I could use another one).

  19. wholesomemidwestern

    23. I am new to quilting and blogging and you know you have been a huge inspiration to me…so congrats on your accomplishment! I just got excited about 50 likes on my blog today lol 🙂 I would like the pillow pop book, constellations of course and those hexagons are to die for!

  20. Pingback: My lucky day! | talltalesfromchiconia

  21. cdahlgren2013

    28. Wow, how generous you are. I would pick the book, Quilting the little things, love any bright fabrics or fabrics with animals on it, triple zip pouch in bright colors, I’m pretty easy.

  22. Jo

    29. Congratulations on 500! You are being very generous! I’d pick Zakka style, pointelle chromatics and the zipper pouch if I were the lucky winner! All are fabulous!

  23. LubbyGirl

    32. Congrats on the Fab Five Hundred mark! And very sweet of you to have a giveaway to celebrate. If I got the chance, here’s what I’d choose: Practical Guide to Patchwork, that beautiful fruit fabric, and the zip pouch (love zip pouches).

  24. Cornelia

    33. congratulations on so many followers and thanks for the give-away
    If i get a chance I totally love, Quilt Lab, Constellations and the cute pouch, totally in love with the colors in the pic

  25. skalabara

    34. Congratulations on the 500, you have a great blog! Always looking forward too read your new posts. Thanks for the giveaways. I would go for the Modern Bee book, what ever fabric – I like all of them, zipper pouch.

  26. Leigh Anne

    35. You are such an incredibly generous blogger, I’m thrilled to see you reach 500 followers!

    I would choose Practical guide to Patchwork, zebras and arrows from Safari Moon and a zipper pouch 🙂

  27. purlbuttons

    36. I am a Bloglovin’ follower. Since I get the Bloglovin’ emails, I wander around here a LOT. If I win, I would like to have Quilt Lab–The Creative Side of Science, one yard of Madhuri Elephants in Orange, 3/4 of a yard of Madhuri Red Circles, and 3/4 of a yard of Madhuri Medallion Red. I can feel a quilt scrambling itself together in my head already! Oh, and I would love to have your patterns and a zipper pouch. I would like reds, oranges, yellows, if it is colors of my choice.

  28. Krisnr

    37. A wonderful milestone, a truly generous giveaway! Practical Guide, safari moon butterflies and the zipper pouch.

  29. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    38. Wow, Michelle, this is some celebration! Congrats on building such a great following. I’d love the Practical Guide to Patchwork and a zipper pouch, but your gorgeous collection of fabrics are too hard to choose from – if I win, you can surprise me! And here’s to reaching your next milestone : )

  30. Sandy K

    39. Congrats on your milestone of 500 followers. You are being so generous. I would choose Practical Guide to Patchwork, Safari Moon, zipper pouch.

  31. jesshea

    40. Wow, 500! What a fun giveaway! If love the modern bee book, the orange-y meadow print, the brown umbrella floral and a zipper pich! Thanks for the chance!

  32. Elizabeth S

    41. Congrats on the 500! LIke that Modern Bee book; Meadow fabric; and the zipper pouch. Thanks for this magnificent giveaway chance 🙂

  33. Lizzie

    43. Congratulations! You have really shown us a LOT since you started blogging. I love your mix of stash posts, quilting, and honest book reviews. If you pull my number, I’d choose Brave New Quilts, a Japanese vegetable print, and a zipper pouch…..!

  34. Susan

    44. Wow! 500! That’s only the beginning for you, I’m sure. This is a great giveaway, too. Keep on quilting! I love Norwegian Woods and Madhuri Elephants. The book, Brave New Quilts looks intriguing, and I could use a pouch with 3 zips. Be well.

  35. Vicki

    45. Congratulations – 500 followers and many more to come! After drooling over your stash suggestions, I think I’d choose Art Gallery Chromatics in Stardust, Meadow by Leah Duncan,
    Peppered Cottons by Cory Pepper. And maybe some Safari Moon – Teal palette.

  36. Pam S

    46. Congratulations on 500 followers! Your blog is lovely and I follow via Bloglovin. And thanks for the very generous giveaway! I would choose Zakkha Style, any blue Safari Moon print, and the triple zip pouch. Thanks again!

  37. Mara

    47. Awesome giveaway! and Congratulations on 500 followers, I am one of them, I did the Pushme Pullme pattern for you and love it, still need to do it as a quilt!
    Pillow Pop – I have been wanting that book.
    and Chromatics if you still have them
    and love the hexie coffee cup sleeve!

  38. Alida

    48. Congratulations on 500 followers! I would pick the Zakka style book, any blue/aqua fabric would be perfect for me and the zipper pouch is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!!


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