Book Review Tuesdays: Winner = 500 Quilt Blocks

Most of you guessed the mystery book. 500 quilt blocks.


9781416209119_p0_v1_s260x420Title:  “500 quilt blocks”
Author:  Lynne Goldsworthy & Kerry Green
Publisher:  Sellers Publishing, Inc.
ISBN:  978-1-41620-911-9

This book is a great reference book for various quilting blocks. The book has a great introduction section which covers cutting techniques, hand stitches, sewing machine needle sizes, block construction and different techniques, and how to finish your quilt. The book is small in size, perfect for carrying and taking with you if traveling.

Each chapter of the book, covers various blocks based on a specific theme. The chapters are broken up starting with easy blocks and growing in complexity as it goes. For most blocks, there are up to 3-4 variations of the blocks. I really like the variations of each of the blocks and allow you to see how to make tweaks and changes to blocks you may have made or plan to make. A lot of effort was put into the book, as many of the blocks have not only have diagrams but also, photographs of made blocks.

Some of the things I do not like about this book:

  • The book includes templates but the book is so small that you would need to enlarge 200-400%.
  • There are projects scattered throughout each chapter. Unfortunately, I did not like any of the projects.
  • The instructions for making up the blocks are scant, which makes it difficult to make up. You have to kind of guess which pieces are what when sewing them together. Lining up the squares definitely assume you have extensive knowledge.

I will use this book for looking up blocks, maybe to come up with possibly bee blocks, or a sample quilt but it is also likely to stay on my shelf as well. For these reasons, I am only giving this book 2/5 buttons.

images-9  images-8 


I decided to choose the “Broken Wheel” block and it’s variations. Ultimately, I plan to make these into a 20″ pillow….though, I am running a little behind. I did complete the main block, and plan on using 3 of the other 4 additional variations.


Fabric: Kona Torch, Kona Pond, Kona Wasabi, Kona Nautical and Kona White.


First off, thank you so much for all your wonderful guesses and playing along!!! And now onto the winner from last weeks comments….

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.06.27 PM

and #28 is Daisy over @ ants to sugar!!! Daisy, I will drop a copy off to you when I see you next. Congratulations!!

A disclaimer, all reviews and opinions of the books reviewed will be mine, unless otherwise stated. Please note, I may not respond to all comments due to volume and bandwidth.

I am linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (for the pillow project).

5 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesdays: Winner = 500 Quilt Blocks

  1. Leigh Anne

    This one was on my must buy list so I was disappointed to hear about the negatives. But also happy for the heads up 🙂 This one will wait until I can see it in person and take a good look at it.

  2. Kathy Stinehelfer

    I just started to follow your blog. I appreciate the review of this book. Thanks. I don’t think it will be on my list.


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