Sunday Stash #21: The illusive coral + Winner

At least once a month, I have decided to pull fabrics that represent a specific color. When I started collecting fabric 18 months ago, it was hard to get the right colors for a project without trial and error in purchasing. So, I hope this helps folks find that right fabric for the right project at some stage. If you have specific colors in mind let me know.

Today, the color is coral. It is a peachy looking color which meant, for me, this is not the easiest  of colors to get right.  You don’t want it to be too pink or too orange.  I also like it when I can have a color in a variety of values and saturation. Here was my selection from my stash:
Coral Stash Bundle

In case you would like to pick up any of the fabrics…from left to right:

This color works well with darker blues. So you can see them in action, here are some blocks I made up with various blue prints:
Coral Blocks

I am linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash (see button on the right).

Lastly, the winner of my birthday giveaway, from last week is:
Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.30.59 AM

who is Janet Schultz….who is having a birthday in June, as well. Janet I have sent you an email to get your details.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #21: The illusive coral + Winner

  1. Janet Schultz

    Thanks so much! It was an awesome surprise when I got your email this morning. Thanks again for the generous giveaway!

  2. Jen at Bower Bird Patch

    I really do love coral colours…it’s definately one of my favourites. It is very hard to find true coral fabrics without them being too pink, and you’ve done really well putting these together. I just love that AMH fabric….hmmmm….might have to get some of that….

  3. Jeifner

    I love that turtle Tula print. Not to worry I’ve ordered from that Etsy shop before and everything is legit and timely 🙂

    Coral is such a great color and a little elusive in quilting cottons. You’ve pulled a great selection!


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