Sunday Stash #25: A long time coming

Let’s start with some miscellaneous fabrics I purchased for my stash. These were all from Sew me a Song‘s Etsy store. My random selection, definitely looks like a possible quilt pull in this photo.
Miscellanous Stash builders

I have included links (left to right) of those that are still available.

  1. Chalkboard in Green, ABC Primeby Wilmington
  2. Newspaper, Collage, Carrie Bloomston
  3. Newsprint in Grey, Stof of Denmark
  4. Pencil Stripe in Brown, Stof of Denmark
  5. Pencil Stripe in Green, Stof of Denmark
  6. Empire Mark in Tailcoat, Curious Nature, Parson Gray
  7. Circles and Text in Purple, Adventures, Stephanie Wright
  8. Painted Cups in Yellow, Collage, Carrie Bloomston
  9. Dots and Lines in Gray, QH Textiles (linen)
  10. Dots and Lines in Natural, QH Textiles (linen)

So, onto my non-fabric ramblings…I have come to a couple of realizations lately:

1. I can honestly say that I could post a Sunday Stash until the end of the year without buying any more fabric. The fact, I have had to start an overflow room (in the guest room) while I frantically make up some projects so I can store all the fabric back in my sewing room may be a good indicator…hmm….maybe I need to put another budget together to finish out the year.

Have you got a list yet for the end of the year?? I do (hehe):

  • Zen Chic, Figures, (Available now)
  • New Kona Cottons, Robert Kaufman (August)
  • Carrie Bloomston, Paint (August)
  • Leah Duncan, Gramercy (August)
  • Alison Glass, Handcrafted (October)
  • Francis Newcombe, Cherie (August – just some of the prints)
  • Bonnie Christine, Winged (August – just some of the prints)
  • Tula Pink, Moonshine (September – just some of the prints)
  • Anna Marie Horner, Honor Roll (November – just some of the prints)

2. I have not posted a Sunday Stash in a while, which I promise is an indicator that I am really trying to get some stuff finish – the “kaleidoscope of butterflies”, the “wonky herringbone placemats” and now the “phased circles” quilt and the “Spoonflower Sampler” quilt. While happy I am starting see things finish up, I also feel really bad for all those that have commented but I have not responded lately….I am definitely catch up on the last weeks worth of comments tonight.

How do you find the balance between blogging and sewing??

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #25: A long time coming

  1. quiltingjetgirl

    I know that I am lucky in that I have more free time to sew than others. I try to catch up on blog reading first thing in the morning, and then I try to do my sewing in the morning and mid afternoon. Late afternoon / evenings are for writing blog posts, if I think I have sufficient progress or something interesting worth saying. As far as fabric goes; yeah, lots of wants on my list, but due to budgeting I am trying to do my best to use my stash and not add to it. It can be so hard, though… 🙂 Your bundle really would be a great pull for a quilt!

  2. Joanna

    Figures is on my list; if not a bundle then I want some yardage of a few of the prints. I had a charm pack of it and LOVE it so I want more. Usually i would say YES to an AMH line but I’m not really feeling this new one.

    I’m trying to work on a balance of sewing and blogging. I think for writing, this is when scheduling comes in handy. For posts like Sunday Stash, i usually find it easier to take a bunch of photos of all fabrics at once and then break the fabrics up into multiple posts and schedule them. This works for me since to make shipping costs worth it, I buy heaps of fabric at once and not just a FQ here or there.

    This way when I actually have time to sit and blog, or am just in a blogging mood rather than a sewing one, I can write a bunch of posts all at once and have a few weeks worth of posts ready to go rather which is easier than trying to fit in blogging time and rushing a single post and then stressing about finding time to write the next ones. I’ve been relying instagram for a lot of WiP updates now because I take a quick snap as I’m actually working on it and then just do a reveal on the blog, though I know not everyone uses instagram so I do want to try and keep posting some WiP blog posts… with WiPs I only really pull out my camera if I’ve stopped part way through working on a project so it’s not something I’m keen on blogging in detail because in the time it takes to write about them , I could finish the project…

    Reading blogs on the other hand I’m starting to struggle with. I’m about a week behind on reading at the moment even though I check every day. I’m trying to limit computer time too because I spend too much time on it as it is but keeping up to date with blogs makes this hard because it will probably take me a good few hours to sit and read all of the posts, and leave comments. Though this is why i want to step away from the computer because I found this was becoming a daily activity and I don’t want blogging to be a chore but I’m finding it’s overtaking my actual sewing time. Since I’m not working at the moment I have time to sit for a few hours and read but that doesn’t mean that I want to get into the habit of doing it.

    (Okay that got long 😀 ).

  3. Sarah L.

    The answer is, I am terrible at blogging! I have found that when blogging cuts into my sewing time, I choose sewing… and I am okay with this for the most part. It does mean that most of my small projects do not make it onto my blog. I am okay with that too. I am also terrible about responding to my comments and reading other blogs. But if this starts becoming a chore, what is the point?

  4. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Ugh. Summer has meant that about all I muster is stash shares! I’m commenting here tonight, Michelle, after dedicating the evening to catching up on almost two weeks of blog feeds. I hate missing something, but I have been constantly behind on sewing and all things blog for the whole month. (And I, too, could probably post every week at least until Thanksgiving without making another purchase, but… ; )


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