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Reflection 2014

What do I want to remember about 2014? hmmm…

My favorite thing of this year, was the chance to start meeting some of the folks in real life that I had met online, and to also find great friendships within my local quilting communities. A little corny, I know, but is not exciting when you get to meet those folks you have been chatting with virtually!!


I enjoyed teaching my first class series @ Spoonflower and attending a few classes this year.


I think the biggest accomplishment has been turning my own designs into reality.


I looked back at last years goal setting post, and while I did not accomplish all I set out to do (who does right??), I allowed for flexibility and took on new challenges I did not expect. This allowed me to grow and I think make the most of 2014.

I am looking forward to 2015 and doing more of the same. I will be posting some goals tomorrow and I can’t wait to see more posts on what folks are planning for 2015.

Sunday Stash #25: A long time coming

Let’s start with some miscellaneous fabrics I purchased for my stash. These were all from Sew me a Song‘s Etsy store. My random selection, definitely looks like a possible quilt pull in this photo.
Miscellanous Stash builders

I have included links (left to right) of those that are still available.

  1. Chalkboard in Green, ABC Primeby Wilmington
  2. Newspaper, Collage, Carrie Bloomston
  3. Newsprint in Grey, Stof of Denmark
  4. Pencil Stripe in Brown, Stof of Denmark
  5. Pencil Stripe in Green, Stof of Denmark
  6. Empire Mark in Tailcoat, Curious Nature, Parson Gray
  7. Circles and Text in Purple, Adventures, Stephanie Wright
  8. Painted Cups in Yellow, Collage, Carrie Bloomston
  9. Dots and Lines in Gray, QH Textiles (linen)
  10. Dots and Lines in Natural, QH Textiles (linen)

So, onto my non-fabric ramblings…I have come to a couple of realizations lately:

1. I can honestly say that I could post a Sunday Stash until the end of the year without buying any more fabric. The fact, I have had to start an overflow room (in the guest room) while I frantically make up some projects so I can store all the fabric back in my sewing room may be a good indicator…hmm….maybe I need to put another budget together to finish out the year.

Have you got a list yet for the end of the year?? I do (hehe):

  • Zen Chic, Figures, (Available now)
  • New Kona Cottons, Robert Kaufman (August)
  • Carrie Bloomston, Paint (August)
  • Leah Duncan, Gramercy (August)
  • Alison Glass, Handcrafted (October)
  • Francis Newcombe, Cherie (August – just some of the prints)
  • Bonnie Christine, Winged (August – just some of the prints)
  • Tula Pink, Moonshine (September – just some of the prints)
  • Anna Marie Horner, Honor Roll (November – just some of the prints)

2. I have not posted a Sunday Stash in a while, which I promise is an indicator that I am really trying to get some stuff finish – the “kaleidoscope of butterflies”, the “wonky herringbone placemats” and now the “phased circles” quilt and the “Spoonflower Sampler” quilt. While happy I am starting see things finish up, I also feel really bad for all those that have commented but I have not responded lately….I am definitely catch up on the last weeks worth of comments tonight.

How do you find the balance between blogging and sewing??

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Sunday Stash #24: Blueberry Park

I have recently discovered Karen over @ Blueberry Park. She does these fantastic screen-printed fabrics, typically on Kona cottons. This works out great as it is so easy to find matching fabrics and mix with solids. She is wonderful to work with and has been so helpful. You can order via her Etsy store or just IG her (blueberryathome). She also has a couple of fabric clubs for 1/2 panels, full panels and charm packs.

Here are my wonderful purchases so far…Neutral Bundle, Allotment in Shadow, Aqua/Teal/Blue bundle…
Grey Scrap Back and some charms…BlueberryPark_Greys
Blue Scrap Pack…BlueberryPark_Blues

Finally Orange and Purple Charms (with a couple of scraps from a bright scrap pack)BlueberryPark_OrangePurple

I have so  many project ideas for using these up 🙂

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