4 days to go and counting

It is a mad race to the finish, in my house at the moment. I even took the additional 3 days off work to focus on quilting. I am desperately trying to finish my “Phased Circles” quilt so I can enter it in QuiltCon on Sunday.

Phased Circles Outside
(I know you have seen it before, sorry it will be over soon).

I might need a sanity check after this one. I decided to choose matchstick quilting and each block is taking me about 12 hours….but I am loving how it looks and feels. Here are blocks 1 & 2 which I have switched the direction of the matchstick quilting. Blocks1_2_quilting_top

Blocks 2 & 3, where I changed up 3 to be crosshatched/gridded quilting. Blocks2_3_quilted

The quilting on the back pops on the black fabric!! Blocks2_3_quilting_back So, on that note 3 more blocks, a border to quilt and binding to go….and only 4 days. I might have a couple a very long days/nights.

Linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

9 thoughts on “4 days to go and counting

  1. Anne

    Oooh man, you got this!!! Keep stretched out, pace yourself, and be kind to your body. Drink lots of water. šŸ™‚
    You probably don’t need a coach but I suddenly just fell into that, sorry!
    It’s going to look spectacular!! I can’t wait to see it in person at QuiltCon!

  2. Renee

    Oh my gosssshhhhhh 12 hours per block!!! Craziness. We’re cheering you on! Would LOVE to see it in person at QuiltCon! I will go pour you another double espresso…

  3. Judy

    I know how time can be running when you want to finish your work for a competition or exhibition, and the emptiness after. I did not need a sanity check after the sewing-marathon, my sewing-room needed it and I really cleaned up the mess there, that was good! Good luck!

  4. kitty

    You can show the Phased Circle over and over again,because I Love seeing this quilt. It’s a great design and I’m sure it will be a serious contestant in QuiltCon! The matchstick and crosshatched quilting seem the perfect choice to me. The best of luck!!

  5. knitnkwilt

    It looks great. (Can’t remember if I have said so or just thought it before.) Matchstick quilting and cross hatch is perfect. The less time I have to finish something, the more likely I am to come up with a time-consuming design, and nothing else will do. Here’s to your timely finish!

  6. patty

    Your quilt is fabulous! I spent my entire Thanksgiving working on my quilt and I feel you pain! I finally finished at 3 p.m. on Sunday. I posted it today on my blog. Now it is just a matter of waiting to see if our pieces get accepted. Best of luck to you!


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