January news + giveaway

After my big clean up of my sewing room, I am feeling very productive. To keep the productivity up, I need to set my “A lovely year of finishes goals” for January.

My ButtonMy focus this month is to finish my Spoonflower Sampler quilt and write-up the pattern for each of the blocks. I have already made some progress on this quilt (sorry for the quality of the photos…we have had some grey and miserable weather over the last week).

  • The back is made:
  • The quilt sandwich is basted and some straight line quilting is underway.SpoonflowerSampler

My Blog and a Give away
Those that use WordPress hosted environment, knows that you get an annual report on how your blog went this year. In 2014,

  • If my blog was an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.
  • My top posts were the iPhone/iPad stand tutorial, and Gypsy Wife QAL (final link up of the finish is happening now)
  • My blog was viewed by 137 countries
  • I posted 190 times this past year

The best news though, and the reason for running a give-away today is I now have 1,000 blog followers. I want to say a big  thank you to those that follow me, who make me feel part of a community and who have become close friends. hawthorne_threads_200_225I will randomly select a winner Tuesday 13 January 6pm EST….for a $30 gift card to Hawthorne Threads. Leave a single comment if you are a follower letting me know  the one big thing you want to accomplish this year. Mine … to “Sew my Stash” in the first 6 months of this year.

Additionally, based on WordPress annual report for my blog, I am sending a $30 gift card to these top commenters.
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.54.11 AM

Thank you all !!!

108 thoughts on “January news + giveaway

  1. JoyceLM

    51. Congrats on 1000 followers – I’m one of them. My main sewing goal is to finish more of my UFOs (at least 12), Thanks.

  2. Joanna

    52. I really want to finish off my WiPs! I don’t know why but they feel like they haunt me and it would be nice to have more finishes than started projects lol. I also want to sewmystash this year; I’m actually hoping to be able to get some backings together for these Wips instead of buying large pieces of fabric!!

  3. sfredett

    55. I really really want to get a quilt done for my husband…he’s been waiting so patiently!!! Congrats on 1000 followers!!! Also on posting 190 times in 2014 – that’s a lot of typing!

  4. Nancy

    56. I want to hand quilt three quilts this year. I have the tops made, they are just waiting on me to get with it!!

  5. Michele @ Undiscovered Optimist

    57. Blogging more consistently is my big goal for the year, but that means that I need to sew more consistently! I’m so glad to have found a community that encourages me to do just that. Congrats on such a great year – I can’t wait to see what is next for you!

  6. Lauren aka Giddy99

    58. I have three unfinished quilts, and one that hasn’t been started that I should’ve made last year (sigh…). I need to get those done. Oh, and two backpacks I promised two nieces. And a handbag for myself. And my Weekender (which is too thick to fit under my Juki presser foot)…

  7. Jayne

    59. My biggest goal to become a better blogger. Its time to step it up a bit, turn up the heat and take off the training wheels! My 1 year blog anniversary has come and gone…I need to take it up a notch!

  8. cloudcoucou

    60. Wow, you have been much more productive than me!! Getting back to the blogging now. I’m hoping to make some creative cushions using a range of techniques 🙂

  9. Sarah

    61. I am hoping to sew and hand quilt 3 quilts for my children and sew the top for a king size quilt for myself and my husband. We’ll see! Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. capitolaquilter

    63. I’m feeling late in the game becoming a follower but hey I’m here now and enjoying your posts. Congrats on reaching a comma! My one big project goal (which I have yet to start) is to actually begin my son’s 21st birthday quilt- which he lovingly refers to as his 25th birthday quilt because that’s about the timeline it’s been on.

  11. wendy

    66. congratulations on 1,000 followers! I really want to get my first full-sized quilt finished this year. I’ve made minis and baby quilts, but not a big one.

  12. Rochelle

    67. Sewing the stash is my goal….and learning some new thread art skills..thread painting and better machine quilting.

  13. Heather

    68. 2015 is going to be the year I tackle curves (once I get all my other wip out of the way of course). Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. alexis

    69. Congrats! I am a happy follower hoping to make my third quilt this year….maybe more! I’d like to make my first double (or maybe even queen sized) quilt.

  15. diane beavers

    70. Free Motion Quilting….which will also help me to “Sew my stash”.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents Michelle. I often find inspiration from your posts.

  16. Jackie

    72. I have three quilts that are on my to-do-soon list. It may take me the better part of 2015, but I am determined to get as much done as i can! Congrats on 1,000 followers!

  17. Elizabeth Bolton

    73. I have to say that making significant inroads into my stash – which to me means more going out as completed projects than new stuff coming in, of course – is my goal for 2015… and I plan to do this by making several large lap quilts (nearly twin size), and making at least one purse or bag per month all year! Wish me luck! Congratulations on reaching the 1000 member mark – your blog is a wonderful addition to my quilting world.

  18. Misty S.

    74. Oh My Goodness…can I steal yours? I have accumulated so much fabric in a short amount of time and really need to focus on using it before purchasing more. I do hope to up my quilt game and really get some of the techniques down this year.

  19. Sonja McLane

    76. My biggest accomplishment is the breast cancer awareness quilt I made for relay for life. I wish I could post a picture because I am very proud of it!!! Especially being a newer quilter. sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

  20. duchick

    77. I’m a new follower on Bloglovin’! My one big thing is to make a table runner for each holiday so I always have one ready to pull out and celebrate the event with something hand-stitched. (Yes, I’d love to use up my stash, like you, to get this accomplished!)

  21. Chris

    79. I just added you to my Bloglovin recently. Look forward to the future. This is the year I improve my Free Motion skills and buy a keyboard and learn to play some music.

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  23. marjolein

    80. hi there, i follow on bloglovin. The big thing i want to do this year is get our house 100% organized. We moved house in august, and even though we didn’t have to do any major improvements, we still need to decorate more, organize more and make the kids room’s more kidfriendly. So lots to do….

  24. pennydog

    84. What a great surprise for those commenters! I’m a follower but pretty new, like a couple of months of so. This year I want to over come my fear of sewing curves. I’ve done it a few times but never been entirely happy with the result or comfortable with the process.

  25. Kate

    85. I follow with Feedly — I need to finish at least three of my WIPs this year before I even start another project!

  26. Marci

    86. My goal for 2015 is to make 30 lap quilts for the State Mental Hospital in Orofino, ID. The people come into the facility with nothing, and a quilt shows them there are people who care for them.

  27. Sue

    87. I really need to sew from my stash and I have several quilts pieced that need to be quilted but the dolls of my grandaughters always need to have new clothes so I think my goal will be to sew something every day that is the only the backlog will ever get done.

  28. Tabitha Keener

    89. I would love to finish up three boms that are over due and sew my stash using my current quilty books! Thanks for the giveaway, your blog has inspired me so much!

    tdkcarpenoctem (at) hotmail (dot) com

  29. Veronika

    90. Congrats on your followers! My goal is to not take any longer than 3 months to finish a quilt once I start it 🙂 that’s fast for me with two littles 2 and under!

  30. Helen

    91. I have 2 WIPs for grandchildren to finish, 3 baby quilts for friends’ grandbabies coming soon, and I really want to take at least 10 kids’ quilts to Mayo Clinic/St. Mary Hospital’s Pediatric Infusion Therapty Unit (kids chemo) where I donate. And maybe make a quilt just for me? Sounds like a lofty goal but I retired Dec. 1 so hopefully I will find more time for quilting.

  31. Kelly Wilson

    92. My 2015 goal is to give myself permission to suck. : ) Getting hung up on perfection is stifling and has resulted in many projects but few finishes. Congrats on your 1k! I follow via email subscription. notwendy gmail

  32. Pam

    93. Congratulations on all of your followers! You deserve it. I really appreciate all the inspiration you provide! I follow on Bloglovin. My goal for 2015 is to turn my non-sewing friends into a quilter.

  33. melintheattic

    94. 1,000 followers– you’re a rockstar! Congratulations! I love love love the back of the Spoonflower sampler, but you know I have a soft spot for that quilt anyway. 🙂 My goal for 2015 is to finally sell some patterns and to sew things that I feel are “true” to my taste. Happy New Year!

  34. Karen Cummings

    95. Goal for 2015 – A quilt for hubby – he gets left out. I am following on bloglovin. Thanks for hosting

  35. jenetamasson

    96. I’m a follower and I would like to tidy my sewing space. Which means finishing my WIP’s and sorting my fabric (and getting rid of fabric I just won’t use and know it). Oh, and write up a quilt pattern. I’d be happy with just one.

  36. Ali W

    97. I want to make another EPP quilt entirely by hand. I did one in 2013 and it was so soothing. I gave bought the Tula Pink Marquise kit for this year.


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