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Backyard Garden Design 3: Weekend Progress

As mentioned in the previous post, this weekend’s goal was to start and hopefully get the backyard garden done based on the design shown here.

Thank you to our weekend worker bee helpers – Dieter, Justin, Rob, Brian, and Chris…we wouldn’t be as far along as this without your help. Here is the progress so far.

  1. Draw, measure and line up the design
  2. Dig the lines out to put the sand.
  3. Move the sand and level out to put the wood blanks
  4. End of Day 1 – corners built
  5. Building up the walls (End of Day 2 of the weekend)
  6. All brackets hammered in to hold the wall, french drains in (weed fabric, pipes and gravel).
  7. Dirt being leveled out to full in the level/first tier.

Not too far away now, next steps:

  • Need more dirt to fill in the levels – probably another truck load
  • Need to find the concrete slab steps
  • Need to order and lay sod

Quick Update: Weekend Projects

We arrived back from vacation with an action packed weekend planned.

Firstly, I am ecstatic about my first sale on Etsy. I finished making a custom order for chair bags (for 11 in. wide kids chairs).

The first picture is the actual color swatch which shows the true color, the second picture is the finished bag but the photo was taken in the evening light.

The other big project this weekend is the backyard – we are having a “working bee”, where friends come over and help us out with manual labor in exchange for food and drinks. The two walled levels are being put into the backyard as designed in the previous post. This weekend we should have the following update done to that post (cross fingers 🙂 ):

Additional steps over the next few weekends:

  • Order and get the wood (DONE)
  • Order and get the sand, gravel and dirt (DONE – except for the gravel)
  • Lay out the step walls  (DONE)
  • Put in french drains behind each step  (DONE)
  • Fill in with soil  (DONE)
  • Order and install concrete step tops
  • Order and get sod
  • Add the additional vegetable garden  (DONE)
  • Place the boarders for the vegetable garden path
  • Fill with stones

I will post photo’s on Monday on the progress of our back yard :-).

My projects, over the weekend is to try to make progress on the:

  1. Four Season’s Quilt
  2. Place mats
  3. New Monster Designs

Backyard Garden Design: Part 2

With the weather now cooling – it is extremely pleasant in our back yard. It is the perfect time design and planning of our backyard.

Currently, our yard really does not have a whole lot of structure and the grass is not existent (just weeds). We have a finished deck, a vegetable garden (left side) and a play area (right side) all done. This is what it looks like – I love the trees


Our goal is just to enhance the area to the left and middle – by adding stone paths around the vegetable garden, two grass layers that step into each other and a circular area for entertainment or place to relax. The last one will be towards the back of the yard.

Here’s the design:

The grass step areas, I want to have concrete step slabs on the each, with slate tiles added into the grass for contrast and visual interest. Towards the bottom of this design, you can see the circular area which will be intertwined koru’s of grass and stone; and a seclusion wall around 2/3 of it. This project circular space will be a latter project. First of… is the layers and the stone path for the vegetable garden

We started the first steps this weekend.

  • Needed to re-stain the decks rails (DONE)
  • Mark and string out each of the layers (DONE)

Additional steps over the next few weekends:

  • Order and get the wood
  • Order and get the stones, gravel and dirt
  • Lay out the step walls
  • Put in french drains behind each step
  • Fill in with soil
  • Order and get sod
  • Add the additional vegetable garden
  • Place the boarders for the vegetable garden path
  • Fill with stones

I will post pictures as we make progress.