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Sunday Stash: The Shades of Cyan

Are you confused when people talk about aqua, teal, jade, turquoise, topaz or cyan?? This is one of my favorite color ranges at the moment. Cyan is actually one of three of the secondary colors in the RGB color models. All these colors can be considered a tint or shade of Cyan. I thought the shades were well represented in this wikipedia page.

I decided to take a pull of my Kona Solids and my prints to show you all, as a base.


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.19.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.16.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.18.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.16.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 7.11.15 PM

Here are some prints in my stash that fall in this range.


From left to right:

  1.  Electreecity in Marine, Jungle Ave – Sara Lawson
  2. Full Circle in Blue Jay, The Shape of Spring – Eloise Renouf
  3. Bike Path, Sun Print Bike Path in teal – Alison Glass
  4. Corsage, Clover Sunshine – Alison Glass
  5. Netorious in teal, Cotton and Steel Basics
  6. Stylus Text in Lagoon, Indelible – Katarina Roccella
  7. Korkek in Jade, Glimma – Lotta Jansdotter
  8. Queen Anns Butterflies in Topaz, Alchemy – Amy Butler
  9. 1000 Cranes in Cerulean, Tsuru – Rashida Coleman Hale
  10. Leaves in Turquoise, Beyond the Backyard – Jane Farnham
  11. Pearl Bracelet in Swiss Chard, Pearl Bracelets – Lizzie House
  12. Squared Elements in Kings Road Turquoise, Squared Elements, Art Gallery Fabrics
  13. Turtle Bay in Turquoise, Prince Charming – Tula Pink
  14. Monarch in Aqua, August – Sarah Watts
  15. Arrows in Mint, Moonlit – Rashida Coleman Hale
  16. XOXO in On the rocks, Cotton and Steel Basics
  17. Dottie in Bluebird, Cotton and Steel Basics
  18. Butterfly in Blue, A beautiful thing – Zoe Pearn
  19. Chicken Coop in Egg Blue, Birch Farm – Joel Dewberry

I have so many more prints I could share, but I limited myself to 10 minutes 😉 Linking up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash (see button on the right).

Sunday Stash: Shades of Grey

I have definitely taken advantage of the recent fabric sales online. Thanksgiving buys will be coming, when the fabric arrives. In the meantime, I had a discount code for 15% of at the Fat Quarter Shop, and I bought a LOT of the new Kona Cottons. They are so bright and wonderful, I can easily sit and look and dream for hours (well maybe I am exaggerating, just a tad). This week, I had posted some of my new projects made from the new colors.


What I had not featured, was the amazing new Greys the Kona Cottons now have. I plan on making a grey, white and black quilt next year so I stocked up. I am so excited, they are fantastic….there is shadow, graphite, sliver, shoal, coal etc. (no particular order).


A big question…….When you buy your solids how do you store them??

The reason I ask…..The other day, I ran out of some cream/off white Kona solid and I couldn’t tell you what it was. Not a big deal unless you want to buy some more of the same color. I decided it was time to buy a Kona color card….that helped narrow the choices down. I now have two colors it could be. Hmmm.

This event lead me to my new addition to my existing fabric storage method for solids.

  1. Fold fabric to a width that is no wider than a comic book board.
  2. Wrap fabric around comic book board (I buy my boards from amazon.com).
  3. Write a label with color on it and place at the top of the board (Label is about 1″ x 0.5″).
  4. Place in shelf (I store my solids in color family).


Hope you enjoyed the tip. I have so much more to show you but it will have to wait I suppose.
I am linking up with Sunday Stash which is being hosted this week by Molli Sparkles.

Bloggers quilt festival: My first quilt finish

My first quilt is now complete; a mini quilt that was originally for our quilt guild Madrona Road Challenge!!! I decided that it is, also perfect timing to take advantage of the  Bloggers Quilt Festival, and live the experience first hand.


As mentioned in my previous blog, the center block designs stemmed from tiles pictured in a recent dwell magazine. The overall design was influenced by this Portuguese tiled bath floor:


I loved the blue framing of the black and white tiled bottom of the bath (at least what looks like a bath). So taking that concept I came up with this quilt top using the madrona road fabric and a lot of blue kona cottons, and a splash of yellow and a single crimson tile.


I machine bound my quilt in navy. I love how the darker edge makes the rest of the quilt pop and also pulls out the darker blue prints.IMG_7339

The backing consists of navy blue kona cotton, with a stripe of Madrona road blocks and a stripe of ash grey and yellow solids. The stripes were made from scrapes left over from the front and I improvised the piecing.


I kept the quilting relatively simple. To highlight the blocks, I used yellow cotton for the edge and diagonals of this section (see above the details). I then used light grey cotton to quilt rectangles from the center to the diagonals in a web like radiating pattern. The blue tile framed edges I just used lines to highlight the rows – again in light grey cotton.


I love the crinkly look of the quilt after it was washed and dried. Here are some more summary details:

Finished size:  ~33″ x 28″
Pattern:  Improvised and designed by me
Fabric:  Madrona Road (7 fat eighths), Kona Cotton blues, ash grey, crimson and gold
Binding: Machine sewn
Quilting:  Simple lines, created with my walking foot on my brother sewing machine

I hope to add new photos once it stops raining here :-).