Week recap and Meal Plan (week 11)

We are repeating the meal plan from last week, as we ate mostly soup this past week. Why you might ask instead of the wonderful plan we posted…..well, Monday at breakfast, hubby’s middle back tooth broke and on Thursday had it extracted, ready for an implant in 6 months time. He is doing fine, thankfully.

So, here are the meals (once again) we are trying this week:

Saturday Egg + Fruit ^Split Pea and Ham Soup (slow-cooker)
Sunday Oatmeal + Banana + Almond Butter + Soy Milk Creamy Vegetable Shepherds Pie 3-4 Mile Walk
Monday Granola + Fruit + Soy Yoghurt Eggplant, herb and feta patties + Salad
Tuesday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie Stir Fried Curry Brown Rice + Cashews *
Wednesday Oatmeal + Banana and Almond butter Tomato, Onion + Goat Cheese Tart (Gluten free crust) + Salad (replacing zPizza this week)  3-4 Mile Walk
Thursday Granola + Fruit + Soy Yoghurt Gluten-free Spaghetti + Broccoli, herbs + hazelnuts crumbs
Friday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie Vegetable Biryani *  3-4 Mile Walk

* Some ingredients will be pre-made/pre-cooked, for example a batch of brown rice

Now, hopefully my car is ok…..the engine light came on so, I am taking it to the mechanic this week. I am thinking I just need a new petrol (gas) cap as it keeps loosening. But who knows 😉

Stay tuned…Next week, I plan to start including a grocery list, we are keeping on track to spending ~$70-$80 a week on groceries.

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