Fabric Stash Additions {06.16.2013}

Those that don’t know JoAnn’s – this is a large fabric store chain in the US. It stocks everything from home decor fabrics to clothing fabrics and of course has a section for quilting fabrics. The Premium Quilting fabric section includes fabric designers such as Denyse Schmidt, Heidi Grace and Donna Wilder (Stonehill Collection).

To my surprise, when I received the newsletter this week, Cloud 9 Fabrics is now part of the Premium Quilting Fabrics at JoAnn’s. It is not cheap (@$14.99 USD a yard) but since JoAnn had a 40% sale on Premium Quilting Fabric and I had coupons – my new additions were very affordable. Here are my selections, of the new Cloud 9 fabrics. I love the color mix of Citrus, Teal, Grey, Pink/Orange, and the geometric shapes.


Linking up with Fiona @ Finding Fifth for Sunday Stash.

11 thoughts on “Fabric Stash Additions {06.16.2013}

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I know I was so surprised, normally I have to dig through fabrics at Joann’s to find ones I like. I was thrilled, so bright and colorful.

  1. clumsykristel

    I particularly like those four on the right! Very nice.

    I’m trying so very, very hard to restrain my fabric buying impulses and I’m doing pretty well, but every time I see this nice stuff pass me by, I feel very ‘grabby hands’ about it 😀

  2. Molli Sparkles

    Ooh great finds! I love those fractured chevrons, and that motif on the left looks like like an In Color Order or Notting Hill inspired print. Delish! Maybe these will come to Spotlight here in Australia.


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