Finish it Friday {11.10.2013}

This week, I have had to spend most of the week on the couch, resting. It wasn’t too bad, but I such lofty sewing plans which did not eventuate. I do have some great opportunities coming up for sewing related activities though:

Lucky,  right?? I am super excited.

On to the finishes for this week….The first of two Scrap-bee-licious October Blocks. This month we have been asked to do two paper-piecing blocks in low volume prints. I used the Wonky Triangles pattern (available on for the paper piecing part. This was a great pattern designed by Nancy @ Owens Olivia.


I have to point out the wonky triangle fabric choices as I used some umbrella prints trimmings pack which have such fabulous prints and colors.


Next block (not part of the scrap-bee-licious), is one of my this way, that way block at 15 inches in neutral Kona solids. I am in that kind of mood for low-volumes and neutrals.  Now, I am ready to write up the pattern.


I also finished up my last of my current orders for chair bags, some extra wide Flower garden themed ones. This is going to a little girl, for her birthday, and it will be filled with art and craft materials. How fun!!


Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts and Kristy over @ Quiet Play for Paper Piecing Party.

Paper Piecing Party


15 thoughts on “Finish it Friday {11.10.2013}

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      thanks, Daniel told me about the craft fair too at work. I have to decide whether I can convince myself I can take it on….what about you planning on having a booth?

  1. Laura C

    This block looks so peaceful! I had to look twice to confirm it’s your same block design. Funny how different a block can look when you change out the fabrics. I think Cath has us all dreaming of washed-out vintagey low-volume stuff this month, eh?

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I actually just updated the post with my first scrap-bee-licious block completed too.

      The weather has gone blah and so color doesn’t seem to be in my fore-mind at the moment 🙂 I know I was surprised about how different it looks. It could be really cool in solid colors too I think.

  2. Ashley

    Love all of these projects. Your low volume this way that way is great! I really love that pattern! Also, great block for cath!!! I can’t wait to start mine 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      That is wonderful! there usually isn’t any sewing the typical agenda is usually:
      Guest Speaker (this month is: The Current State of Textiles)
      Member Spotlight
      Swap or Challenge Presentation
      Show and Tell (this is my favorite part seeing what folks make)

      I usually bring with me a hand project to do while we talk etc.

  3. RobinSue

    I love your choice for the scrappybeelicious block – just padded my scrap stash with quiet fabrics for this month’s block. Looking forward to seeing your 2nd block.


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