WiP Wednesday + November Goal

This week is the Triangle MQG retreat. I am so excited and have been preparing for the trip.  What am I focusing on during the retreat??? You guessed it, the blue Pushme Pullme Quilt (previously known as This way, That way).

I am thinking that I need 24 blocks – 6 rows. I have one row complete, and have now cut out 3 additional rows worth of blocks. Blocks Cut out

My goal is to complete at a minimum the top of the quilt by end of month. This is my “Lovely year of finishes” November Goal. I know, I know the same goal as last month but I really think it is possible this month.

I have been doing a lot of project planning at work this past week, so I created a mini one for my quilt. I am hoping to obviously finish more than just the top.

11/08/2013    All 24 blocks cut
11/16/2013    Finish sewing all blocks
11/21/2013    Finish sewing blocks together into rows and add sashing
11/30/2013    Finish Back, possibly basting complete

Using the same block I am also hoping to finish this mini quilt this weekend.

So that is my WiP today and goal for this month.

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