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For my November goal in “A Lovely Year of Finishes”, I had set to finish the top of my Push me Pull me quilt. Well, it is 4 pm EST on the 30th November and guess what………….

I have FINISHED!!! Nothing like getting it in at the last-minute. Let’s just go directly to the photos.

Front view, where the hubby is doing a great job holding it up on the playground).

From the left…PushmePullme_LeftSide_TopFinish

And just to make sure I have all the light angles ;-), from the right.PushmePullme_RightSide_TopFinish


  • 48 fat eighths of various blue quilting fabrics (this is one for the fabric addicts out there – how many of you can name them ??? LOL)
  • Sashing – Kona White + Kona Ash

~ 60 x 90 Inches (Twin Size)

The block pattern is on sale through next weekend. It can be found in my craftsy store (check out the menu item on the left) or my Etsy store. Hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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Blocks, blocks, blocks + more blocks

Do you ever have one of those projects that you initial love but then the more you do it the less fun it is. The Pushme Pullme Quilt in blue is starting to feel a little like that. Luckily, I am almost there.

I made a huge amount of progress at the retreat last weekend and finished lots of blocks. This is my finish for the week. I am going to take the mini win, as I kept to my target for the weekend….sew everything I had cut. I will say, late nights/early mornings where I was up until 1-2 am sewing away.


So, what have I learnt so far about me and this quilt process?  I now hate cutting. I know, for sure, I will never make a quilt where I cut all the pieces first again. I definitely need the break in between….cut a few, sew a few. I have found a new appreciation of those that have all the block pieces all cut, photographed and ready to go.

The good news is, once I am sewing, I do like the block and construction. I like seeing how the different fabrics change the block completely. My favorite of the blocks above is that bottom most left block. Which one is yours?

Anyway, two rows to go and then the joining of the blocks and the quilt top will be complete!! I should hit my November goal….I know what I will be doing Thanksgiving weekend ;-).

Linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday @ Crazy mom quilts + the mid check in for November’s goal “A lovely year of finishes”.

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WiP Wednesday + November Goal

This week is the Triangle MQG retreat. I am so excited and have been preparing for the trip.  What am I focusing on during the retreat??? You guessed it, the blue Pushme Pullme Quilt (previously known as This way, That way).

I am thinking that I need 24 blocks – 6 rows. I have one row complete, and have now cut out 3 additional rows worth of blocks. Blocks Cut out

My goal is to complete at a minimum the top of the quilt by end of month. This is my “Lovely year of finishes” November Goal. I know, I know the same goal as last month but I really think it is possible this month.

I have been doing a lot of project planning at work this past week, so I created a mini one for my quilt. I am hoping to obviously finish more than just the top.

11/08/2013    All 24 blocks cut
11/16/2013    Finish sewing all blocks
11/21/2013    Finish sewing blocks together into rows and add sashing
11/30/2013    Finish Back, possibly basting complete

Using the same block I am also hoping to finish this mini quilt this weekend.

So that is my WiP today and goal for this month.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced