Q2 Planning – Goals

I have been feeling a little sluggish this quarter – though I probably accomplished more than I think. To do a better job of tracking my plans/finishes, I am going to re-commit to ALOYF and 2015 Finish Along.

My ButtonFirst up this month’s ALOYF, is the same as last months, but I must have about 2 hours maximum left on this project. That’s right, “It takes a Village” will be finished this month. I might even get the pattern finished too!!

So overall what are my plans and goals for the whole quarter:

These projects are reflected in order in my table below.

Project Dates Current Status
 It takes a Village  April TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Rangers Station
(my Marsala entry)
 Spoonflower Sampler Quilt  End of April TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (UNDERWAY), BIND
 Design Evolution  End of April TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Quilt Market Sampler  Early May TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Bjorn the Bear  May TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Altitudinal Zonation  Early June TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
 Pushme, Pullme  June TOP (last-minute changes but almost complete),
BACK, BIND (Sending it out for quilting)
 Lines Drawn  June TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

Let’s see what I complete – no pressure though….I will just get done what I get done!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

12 thoughts on “Q2 Planning – Goals

  1. katechiconi

    Sometimes pressure is helpful, other times it’s really counter-productive. I hope you get enough done to please yourself but not so much you feel drained and stale…

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks Kate. I am definitely getting through them so that feels great….i have several projects almost finish. That will make things easier!😄

  2. Terri Ann

    Your quilting is beautiful in “it takes a village” so far, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. Weird aside but I LOVE how you laid out this post. I struggled to figure out how to combine my a lovely year of finishes and my 2015 finish along in the same post. Good lock getting all your to-finishes, finished!

  3. Julie

    Wow – you have some great projects. This year I have found that listing my finish along intentions has actually made me get them done – last year not so much. Maybe cos I work now, it’s easier to finish an item rather than think about starting a new one,

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I am always starting new things. I am getting better at finishing but I must say i just need to keep the list to keep things straight😃

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