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New Materials…Excited

I am so excited.  Today, I got a package of new fabrics from Spoonflower.com – which has amazing print designs.

Kid Fabrics

Fabrics for our quilt

Fabrics for boys kids quilt

Purples and Greens for future projects

I also went by the Goodwill shop, recently and found some more ties. It was a good find.

The last thing, I wanted to show was the labels for some of my new products in my Etsy store “Squeek Crafts”. You can actually make your own labels with an ink jet printer.



Keeping the memories of your kid’s art

I am writing today, as I am always trying to find new ways of displaying and keeping a record of my son’s art work and general work over time.

I would love more ideas from folks. Please share them – I will try them out and update the post to show you how they worked 🙂

I have tried two things so far:

  1. Frame your favorite pieces in bright colors. You can change them out if you use a standard frame size. I do all the prep work for the art work but I take it to the local framing shop for the class and frame. Below are two pieces, my son’s first at home project – a turkey feather collage and the second a colored in shark, these are hung in my son’s playroom.


  2. I think my son’s art work is a great present for his grandparents, so I make an album up for my parents every Christmas. I also make one up for us to keep so that we can have memories for him when he is older.


So, one other idea I was thinking was making plates, cups or fabric out of some of his drawings. Here’s a piece, I think, would be great for that.


Here’s a useful blog, I found, on www.parents.com. What are some of your ideas?