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Orange Creamsicle {a finish}

As QuiltCon Together approaches (02/18/2021) I thought I would share this quilt that made it into the virtual show but had not made it onto my blog so far. 

Say hello to Orange Creamsicle. Orange Creamsicle started with a single block that I had hoped would be a great compliment to the rest of the Sunday Best blocks.


To be honest the block just didn’t really work with the rest of quilt. Yes, that became the start to Orange Creamsicle.


I introduced some limits to this quilt after the first block, as I really wanted to try making a quilt top without modern equipment. I wanted to see what it was like for women of the past who made quilts.  Those limits included:

  • Limited color palette (pinks, oranges, yellows, red, purple – a warm color palette)
  • All fabric was cut with scissors (typically scissors less that 4″ so they could travel on the plane)
  • All blocks with hand pieced. Stitched up by hand.
  • The drunkard path blocks were roughly 6″ finished. They again were squared up using scissors.

If any block did not measure 6″ finished I used filler strips. A design decision was made to introduce aqua into these strips to give the eye somewhere to rest. 


I really enjoyed this project. Much of it was done on work trips or on vacation. I remember stitching blocks in Germany while visiting my husband’s family and in Olympic National Park as we drove from sight to sight.  The best thing is I learned a lot about hand piecing that I had not known before.

  • Back stitch, 2-3 stitches at the beginning and end of your lines instead of using notes.
  • Stay stitch across each seam for stabilization and then also every 1-1 1/2 inches.
  • Mark a 1/4 ” line so your stitch lines are relatively straight.
  • Stitch multiple stitches at a time with your needle. You will get straighter and more consistent stitching.
  • I used a 10 needle and 50wt aurifil thread which worked well for just piecing.
  • Next time I will match my thread to the fabric palette and use a warm color (like orange). I used white as that is what I had on hand. You will see your stitches as they are larger than what you get with a sewing machine.

While visiting my family in New Zealand I laid out the blocks for determining final layout. Once I thought the balance of colors were right the rows of the tip were hand stitched together.  The limits of mostly handwork made this perfect for a traveling quilt project.


I decided to give this quilt a little something else and pieced the back from scraps. The scraps were in the same color palette as the front but were all prints. They were mostly pieced in a column like fashion, again using improvisation. I was really pleased with how many of my favorite prints were in my scrap bin that made it into the back and shocked to see how much of my scraps were still in the storage jars, after I had finished.

Early on I had made a decision to use match stick quilting with a variety of warm colors. I also wanted to add a few hand quilted lines with a 28 wt thread. It was my first time hand quilting since taking a class with Season at QuiltCon (S.d.evans). I started in the middle and laid down the first few lines….and then this quilt stopped progressing.

Thankfully, I had a fire lit to try and finish some of my WiPs in the middle of 2020 (while in quarantine. Orange Creamsicle made the list.   I have no idea why it took so long to get back to it, as it did not take long to finish. The quilting added an amazing amount of texture. There is also a guarantee, with this many quilting lines, these blocks will never fall apart.

Binding was an easy decision, it was which ever orange solid color that I had a 1/2 yard of. I also used the aqua for the bottom right corner as I love that line at the bottom there and it would almost have disappeared if orange was used.

I am really pleased with how this turned out. I did do a little happy dance as this one came off the machine.


Name : Orange Creamsicle 
 Original Design
Fabric: Kona Cotton (Variety of warm colors + ? )
Binding: Kona Cotton
 Various Print Fabric scraps
Dimensions: 36 x 48 in.
Quilted: With 50wt Aurifil , using domestic machine walking foot, straight lines matchstitck + 28wt Aurifil hand quilted.

Reflecting on QuiltCon 2015

OMG!! Where do I start?? This was my first QuiltCon and I ignored all the advice from those who attended last time, and organized myself a jam-packed schedule.

Thursday: All-day Class, Triangles with Vanessa Christensen
Friday: Volunteer from 7:15am – 6 pm (Lectures/White Glove);Midday lecture
Saturday: Volunteer from 7:15am – 6 pm (Lectures/White Glove); Midday lecture; Alison Glass Embroidery Class 6-9pm
Sunday: All-day Class Monoprinting with Lizzie House
Monday: Leadership Conference

Oh, yes, I did. My experience was one of the best times I have ever had, however I totally now understand the advice I was given!! The best thing about trying everything….now I know what I will do and not do next time.

I will definitely do more lectures next time. I liked the burst of information and the coverage of topics that were provided. Yoshiko Jinzenji’s lecture about her process and her quilts was inspiring and one of my highlights of the conference. I loved her gold shimmering quilt that accompanied her in her lecture and shhh…one of the few fabric purchases I made, was more of her fabrics (more on that at Sunday Stash).

The classes I took were great. I learned so much and the instructors I had were so amazing to meet in person.  I enjoyed each class for different reasons.

  • Triangles with Vanessa Christensen was very educational about the techniques of sewing triangles and I  now know why I am supposed to use starch. It really does stabilize the fabrics. I will admit I only spent 1/2 the day in the class; as I knew the only time I would have to look at the vendors was that afternoon.
  • Embroidery with Alison Glass was perfect for me at that time of day. I so needed something relaxing, and go with the flow at the end of that long day. It delivered completely. I now have another great hand project to do while traveling (or without my machine).
  • Monoprinting with Lizzie House was my favorite by a smidge. What a great technique that she offered. One that is transferable to my 7-year-old and I am hoping its something we can do together. I loved this class which is the only reason I could push through the whole day…exhaustion was kicking in. There was so much talent in the class. I loved working with the layers and the two techniques of drawing and then pressing. My final printed panel turned out better than I imagined. I highly recommend this class!!

Next time I would limit myself, I think to maybe one class.

I highly recommend volunteering. Everyone is fantastic. My favorite activity, hands down ;-), was white glove duty. The hours were long but my favorite thing was talking to others, who were so interested in what they were seeing. Some wanting to ask your opinion on how it was made or what technique was used etc. The added bonus of this task is you got to walk around and see all the quilts in the quilts show. The inspiration was amazing and as a white glove person you could look at the back of the quilts (of course while showing others).

Volunteering is definitely something I would consider doing again but not as a whole day….spread it out a little for sure!!

Best QuiltCon Activity
The best thing about QuiltCon is meeting all the people you know on social media and actually knowing them by their first name not just their IG handle. Some of the highlights include:

Meeting my peeps from the sisterhood of the traveling quilts; some of the Aussie’s, where we got our photo taken over by my quilt (below)!!; meeting Anne, Stacey and Gillian from QDAD at the Moda Party; meeting Nicole (modern handcraft) and the NZ contingent at Moda party; meeting Denyse Schmidt and Katy Jones there too; talking with the C+S girls at their amazing booth; meeting the fabulous Nydia, Christa and many others on the quilt show room floor; BBQ with Kelsey, Amanda and Ashley; having donuts with the New Jersey MQG gals!!

A shout-out needs to go out to my roomie, Ashley from @wasntquiltinaday. Best Roomie Ever!! Loved every minute including my bed every evening. So many people – missing you all already!!

QuiltCon Entries

I thought about this post a lot today after reading several of the other posts on QuiltCon Quilt Show announcements made yesterday, and wondered whether I should write this or not.

Before I start, everyone should go over and read this post “Former QuiltCon Juror Tells All” by Latifah Saafir, it is very informative about how quilt show selection is made. Worth a read. I learned a lot.

There are so many amazing quilts out there that were entered to the QuiltCon Quilt Show. I think everyone deserves a pat on the back for completing their quilts, that you can be proud of your work and for taking the leap to submit your quilt into a show.

I know, personally speaking, this was a very hard step for me. I had to work hard to get my quilts finished. I worked hard to overcome the self-doubt, especially since I have only been quilting just over 2 years and this is my first show.  I am so thankful, for our quilting community and my IG friends, without the support you have all shown me I would not have submitted or finished anything (for that matter).

Here were my submissions into QuiltCon Quilt Show.

Phased Circles


I know a lot of quilts did not get in and so many of them I love!! So, I am so honored that both of my quilts did make it into QuiltCon.

Now, I am off to work out how to make and attach quilt sleeves, and how to make a quilt label. I am so excited about meeting so many people I chat to online or IG, volunteering, attending classes and lectures and also seeing all those quilts in person. This will be such a fantastic event!! See you soon.