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Quilting Triangles

I have a project I am working on at the moment, that originally, I thought I could leave the triangles unquilted (46 of them). Well, the linen triangles are a little too puffy for my liking and I really need to quilt them.

That started me on this path:

  1. Using Angela Walters Shape by Shape book to find inspiration on how to quilt these triangles. I love this book.
  2. The designs had to be done with my walking foot. I am determined that I don’t need to change my foot on my machine for just these triangles.

These are the quilting patterns, I came up with for my 4″ triangles. Both of the designs are similar to Angela’s designs for Triangle 1 and 7 but I added some more detail in them to make them my own.

Nested Pyramids:
This is very similar to Angela’s example (Triangle 7), but I can not help myself….Star Trek badge ;-). I did do some initial marking for this block. I marked the 2 ” center line, and then along that line from the top, I marked 3 lines at a 1″ spacing. These marks are used as rough guides to evenly separate the sections.

Here are the quilted lines for this block; their directions, start and end points

Crown Jewel:
Looks like the center piece of a tiara, right? I did do some initial marking for this block as well. I marked the 2 ” center at the bottom, and then along the sides I marked a 1″ spacing. These marks are used as rough guides to evenly separate the sections.


Here are the quilted lines for this block; their directions, start and end points


Design Process for Phased Circles

So, how did I get to here?

From here?

There were surprisingly a lot of design choices, that I wanted to try to consolidate them here and share the questions/ideas I had through my process.

1. First off, deciding on fabric,  lead to the color choices for the circles and the design only being made with 6 circles.
I really wanted to use my Carolyn Friedlander Architextures and Botanics in this quilt. She has 6 main colors across these lines. The solids were chosen to match or complement these colors.

2. Placement of each color was the next decision.
After playing with the circles on my design board, I decided I liked a warm color placed with a cold color on each row. The other thing I had decided at this point was to switch out the light green print with the darker green topology print.

3. Background colors for the circle blocks.
At first, I was contemplating all grey prints, since I liked the grey background on my design board. Then what if I tried the low-volume or lighter Carolyn Friedlander prints that matched each of the key color of each circles. Yes, there were enough different prints that I could go this route except for the plum/pink…this one I stayed with low-volume grey prints.

4. Stripes or no strips in the outer border.
Should the border be just solid or should I pull the prints from the circle out to continue the stripes?

5. Size of the outer border
I had finished the first 1/2 started to think that the 10″ border I had chosen was too large and maybe I should cut it down to 5″. Well, I left it and decided that I needed the whole top before I could make that decision. The 10″ border was the perfect size with the whole quilt top, so it stayed.

Phased Circles_10in_Border  Phased Circles_5in_border 

6. The back
I really wanted the back to complement the front, which I could do either with fabric or with shapes. I still had most of Carolyn Friedlander Black, White and Grey prints left. Since there was so much color on the front, wouldn’t it be cool to use a lack of color on the back as a contrast to the front. I also liked that these prints could be used to give an ombre look.IMG_2067

7. The quilting design
The original decision for the quilting was going to be 1/2″ lines that moved around the circles and then the borders were going to have FMQ’ed straight line mixed border (similar to what you see in Carolyn’s quilts). The more I though about it the more this changed. Finally, I decided on matchstick quilting for the blocks at both vertical and horizontal directions, while the border was a simple 1″ straight lines.
Phased Circles Block1 Quilted Top

The crosshatch (gridded) quilting was introduced as I finished the second block….I decided I needed a break and that this would be a great complement to the overall design.Blocks2_3_quilted

8. The binding
The last design decision was the fabric for the matching binding. I wanted it to be color blocked from the start. All solid? All prints? In the end I chose a mix; I decided that the jade and the green blocks would be the solid color, since the print was dramatically different from the solid. The other 4 blocks were bound in the matching print used in the border and circles.
PhasedCirclesCompleteThey were the key decisions made in my design process. Obviously, they happen throughout the creative process, and I always try to stay open to changing my mind in the process.

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4 days to go and counting

It is a mad race to the finish, in my house at the moment. I even took the additional 3 days off work to focus on quilting. I am desperately trying to finish my “Phased Circles” quilt so I can enter it in QuiltCon on Sunday.

Phased Circles Outside
(I know you have seen it before, sorry it will be over soon).

I might need a sanity check after this one. I decided to choose matchstick quilting and each block is taking me about 12 hours….but I am loving how it looks and feels. Here are blocks 1 & 2 which I have switched the direction of the matchstick quilting. Blocks1_2_quilting_top

Blocks 2 & 3, where I changed up 3 to be crosshatched/gridded quilting. Blocks2_3_quilted

The quilting on the back pops on the black fabric!! Blocks2_3_quilting_back So, on that note 3 more blocks, a border to quilt and binding to go….and only 4 days. I might have a couple a very long days/nights.

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Lessons Learned for finishing a Quilt

This weekend, I spent some time over @Spoonflower’s Greenhouse teaching a quilt finishing class. It went really well. I did my first mini trunk show and walked through some of the techniques I used for each of my quilts. mosaic801c7d9af7bfc0beb83d40db7aaba4f483076714

While talking, I realized how much I have learned in the two years I have been quilting. I could not have done it without the fabulous online resources the quilting community offers. I wanted  to share some of those tutorials and classes, I have enjoyed, with you.




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Getting back to it….

I am sure we have all had those weeks. You know when you have no idea when you will get back to your hobbies (i.e. quilting) or blogging. That has been my last month at work.

Good news though, I was able to go on our Modern Quilt Guild’s retreat this weekend, jump starting a couple of projects. It was great to spend time with friends and so many great projects were created/worked on!!

One of my biggest successes this weekend, was I finally started quilting Phased Circles, choosing matchstick quilting. I love how the first block has turned out, however I could be in trouble for finishing this up Nov 30th for quiltcon….the one block took at least 12 hours….5 more to go.
Phased Circles Block1 Quilted Top Phased Circles Block1 Quilted Back

Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Phased Circles Quilt  30NOV2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (UNDERWAY), BIND
Celestial Spheres
(Part 1)
Celestial Spheres
(Part 2)
Sew Mama Sew
(Project 3)
Bjorn the Bear  Early DEC2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Rangers Station  DEC2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

The other project I have made progress on over the last week is my next Sew Mama Sew Project, which is a circular project. I am thinking of changing up the standard circular quilting and creating a maze quilt pattern such as this:
Source: Shutterstock.com

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In the Neighbourhood

It is finally complete!!



The original design was inspired by a rug I had seen. This was one of my first designs when I started participating in Quilt Design a Day.

As soon as I decided that I would make this I knew that I wanted to make it with Oakshott Cottons. Michael Oakshott from Oakshott Cottons kindly sponsored my quilt. The vibrancy of the oranges, yellows, pinks and purples truly make the quilt amazing. I wish you all could see it up close.

Photo taken at the Biltmore Conservatory with the most amazing orchids (helper is my son)

I did not want to waste any of the Oakshott cottons, so I made an improve “totem-like” strip for the back. I love this as much as the front. The straight line quilting turned out just like I wanted. I used Auriful Sunshine variegated thread. It gave so much texture to the quilt and the color changes in the thread added another (subtle) level of interest.Neighbourhood_Finished_Back
Photo taken at Biltmore Estate (husband is the helper this time)

The best thing about a 4 hour road trip is that you can get some hand stitching done……my project – the binding. The fabulous yellow binding – is Kona School Bus.Neighbourhood_Finished_Action_shot

I am hoping to submit the quilt to Quiltcon Quilt Show, so another plus…I have finished in time for submissions!!


Name: Neighbourhood
Dimensions: ~ 31″ x 33″ Mini Quilt
Design: Michelle Wilkie (inspired by a rug)
Quilted: Straight line quilting  Aurifil #4658 wt. 50 (Sunshine Variegated Thread)
Fabric for Front: Oakshott Cotton + Kona Oyster
Backing: Dottie, Cotton and Steel + Oakshott Cotton + Kona Oyster
Binding: Kona School Bus

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Almost there

This week, I am definitely trying to finish up the Neighbourhood quilt. I am about 3/4 of the way through quilting.


I am using the sunshine variegated Aurifil thread out of the Tula Pink Kit (#4658) to add some interest. I think it is looking good, those Oakshott Cottons look great!!Close-up Quilting_Neighbourhood

Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Neighbourhood Quilt  20SEP2014
(now 27SEP2014)
Bjorn the Bear  20SEP2014
(now OCT2014)
 Sew Mama Sew Project  29SEP2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Phased Circles Quilt  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Jungle Ave Tapa  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

For my Cherie quilt, I picked out the Cherie fabrics from Frances Newcombe’s line. I want the quilt to be mostly made of the neutral fabrics with a slight pop of pink (like in the design, see link in the table).

So, last night while watching TV, I started laying out the initial blocks for the Quilt. Cherie_StartThat’s it for this week. Apologies for the photo’s…it has been raining here all day and the light has been terrible for photo’s.

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