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Drama + Meal Plan {20.04.2013}

Our week ended with a little drama. I got a call on Friday around 2pm from my husband’s doctor. He informed me my husband, who played soccer in a recreational league at work over lunch, was in so much pain he could not be examined….I must come at once to pick him up and take him to the emergency room. After x-rays, he has broken his right humorous bone right at the top under the shoulder socket.

So the question I have to ask (yes probably rhetorical)…why do 40 year old males continue playing contact sports even though they know it takes at least twice as long to heal when they get hurt?? I ask this only since, it has been less than a month since my husband had recovered from a shoulder injury.

So Sean (my son) and I, are more or less left to our own devices this week, with the hubby incapacitated. I plan to keep our meal plan simple this week, here’s the plan.

Saturday Split pea and ham soup
Sunday Canadian bacon + poached egg Vegetable pasta bake (GF) 20 mins HIT
Monday Bircher Muesli Fish + chips (homemade)
Tuesday Granola + Fruit + Soy Yoghurt Stir fry + Brown rice
Wednesday Bircher Muesli Zpizza (Pizza with whole wheat crust and organic ingredients) 20 mins. HIT
Thursday Granola + Fruit + Soy Yoghurt Meatball pasta bake (GF)
Friday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie Spinach salad 20 mins. HIT

We are usually spending ~$70 a week for our meals. Here is this weeks shopping list:

  • Corn tortilla (TT)
  • Gluten Free Pasta (TT)
  • Pasta sauce (TT)
  • Baked beans (TT)
  • Dates (TT)
  • Prunes (TT)
  • Bananas (TJ)
  • Soy Milk (TJ)
  • Juice (TJ, TT)
  • Brown Rice (TJ)
  • Vegetable Stock (TT)
  • Onions (TJ)
  • Spinach (from the garden)
  • Broccoli (from the garden)
  • Bell Peppers(TJ)
  • Garlic (TT)
  • Apples (TJ)
  • Butter (TJ)
  • Flour/ WW and GF (TT)
  • Granola (TT or BJ)
  • Oats (BJ)
  • Frozen Peas + Corn (TJ)
  • Sultanas (TT)
  • Stir Fry Sauce (TT)

NOTE: We shop majority at Trader Joe’s (TJ), Target (TT) with an occasional visit to Whole foods (WF), BJ’s , Harris Teeters (HT), Lowes Food (LF) and Fresh Market (FM).
NOTE: We do not typically use coupons mainly due to time.
NOTE: Items indicated by * are specials for the week we took advantage of.

Adventures of the week and Meal Plan – Week 7

So, this is my first blog of the week and its already Saturday. Can you believe it, but this week, I got a stomach bug Monday night –> Wednesday, and when we woke up on Tuesday morning we had no heating upstairs (where we all sleep). I hope this does not continue, so far this year:

  • January: We had to buy a new car as my husbands car was too expensive to fix based on the trade in prices
  • February: Son got Strep throat for 3 days (going around school), a on/off valve for our master bathroom snapped and water leaked downstairs through the kitchen ceiling…fixed/finished last week. Now I get a stomach bug (going around school and work) and the heating is broken – we get told that it would be a good idea to replace the heat pump and air conditioning unit since they are 16 years old (which apparently is a major accomplishment for these units). Right now we are going to push through to April and then replace that and get the roof re-done at the same time.

I am hoping for a smooth and non-eventful week to finish off February. I am also hoping for more co-operative weather – while we have not been getting the snow, it has been cold and a little miserable. The week has just been a little flat and I took some time out from doing anything but the essentials :-).  I have been inspired this week though by Kristel’s list and Holly@myPlantBasedFamily (from her “Eat to live” post in November last year).  Anyway, here is our meal plan for the week…..

Saturday Oatmeal with Banana and Almond butter Creamy Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie (thanks to Kristel’s list and links)
Sunday Oatmeal with Grated Apple + Sultana’s Chicken and Vegetable Cacciatore + Quinoa or Wheat berries 3-4 Mile Walk
Monday Whole Grain Cereal+Soy Vegetable Frittata
Tuesday Whole Grain Cereal+Soy Vegetable Soup (Slow Cooked) 3-4 Mile Walk
Wednesday Fruit + Flax Seed Pizza @ zPizza (love the options at this place)
Thursday Whole Grain Cereal + Soy Asian Fish + Vegetable Pockets
Friday Smoothie Vegetable Pasta Bake + Quinoa Pasta 3-4 Mile Walk