Mother’s day gift + Meal Plan {12.05.2013}

When living in Germany, my too favorite dishes were broth fondue and raclette, both were introduced to me by my husbands Grandmother.

Now in the US, I found a replacement for the Fondue….a restaurant called “The Melting Pot”. This is my favorite restaurant, which is my choice whenever I get to pick the spot for those special occasions.

Look what I got for Mother’s day…it is a Raclette set!!! For those who don’t know what a Raclette set is, it involves an electric table-top grill with small pans, known as coupelles, to heat slices of cheese with miscellaneous vegetables.



  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Onion
  • Cheese
  • Ham or Chicken

IMG_7274 IMG_7277

Optional: Grill the onions and the bell pepperIMG_7282

In the coupelles layer the potato, ham (or chicken), and cheese. Place the tray under the grill tray so the elements add as a grill. Leave for ~ 5 mins.IMG_7283

Top with grilled onion, bell peppers and fresh cracked pepper. Use the scraper and scrap the ingredients onto a plate and serve.


This was dinner last night and boy it was great!! I love both fondue and raclette for the same reasons…both a very social activities as you have to cook your own food and secondly, you eat slower.

Onto our meal plan this week….

Saturday Egg+Ham Sandwich Raclette 20 mins HIT
Sunday Strawberry + Banana Crepes Grill + Spinach Salad 20 mins HIT
Monday Bircher Muesli BBQ Chicken + Stuffed mushrooms + Broccoli
Tuesday English Muffin + Banana + Almond Butter Omlette  Walk
Wednesday Bircher Muesli Z-Pizza 20 mins. HIT
Thursday English Muffin + Marmite Spaghetti + Asparagus + Mushrooms
Friday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie Toasted Sandwiches 20 mins. HIT

We are usually spending ~$70 a week for our meals. Here is this weeks shopping list:

  • Asparagus (TJ)
  • Rhubarb (LF)
  • Granny Smith Apples (LF)
  • Bananas (LF)
  • Potato (TJ)
  • Tomatoes (TJ)
  • English Muffins (LF)
  • Soy Milk (TJ)
  • Juice (TJ, TT)
  • Spinach (from the garden)
  • Broccoli (from the garden)
  • Potatoes (TJ)
  • Bell Pepers (TJ)
  • Mushrooms (TJ)
  • Tomatoes (TJ)
  • Onions (TJ)
  • Grated Cheese (TT)
  • Eggs (TJ)
  • Gluten Free Pasta (TT)
  • Oats (BJ)
  • Chicken (BJ))
  • Sultanas (TT)

NOTE: We shop majority at Trader Joe’s (TJ), Target (TT) with an occasional visit to Whole foods (WF), BJ’s , Harris Teeters (HT), Lowes Food (LF) and Fresh Market (FM).
NOTE: We do not typically use coupons mainly due to time.
NOTE: Items indicated by * are specials for the week we took advantage of.

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