WiP Wednesday {29.05.2013} : Hexagons and HST

The long weekend has definitely impacted my schedule this week. While on the beach, watching the kids I was able to use some scraps and made up some hexagons. I now have 37 pieced together.  Any ideas on what I should make with these? I was thinking of a pillow or a baby quilt (if I am over zealous 🙂 )….maybe just a portable blanket for a car seat/pram (push chair). What do you all do?

IMG_7373 IMG_7375

The other project, I was working on last week for our quilt guild pillow swap….well, I am not as far as I wanted to be, but I have made steady slow progress. I have sewed 30 of the 50 squares together.


To make the 1/4 inch line on each side of the diagonal, I used a Quarter Inch Seam Marker Ruler. It worked great, I purchased it at Joann’s – a set of three, however I can not find it online to share at Joann’s so here is one similar I found at Amazon. I am sure you can find them everywhere though. I just used the middle line of the ruler, to line up the opposite corners (ie. the diagonal) and drew a line on either side with a pencil marker…then sewed down the lines. So simple, when I measured my squares – they are 2.5 inches around!!!  🙂


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24 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday {29.05.2013} : Hexagons and HST

  1. Laura C

    What if you set the hexie cluster in a green background (like your upholstery), plenty of negative space, baby quilt size? Cute, quick, unisex. But then you might have to sell or gift it, and I’d want to keep them! 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I like the idea of the green background, nice bright green like in the center…..I know I keep telling the hubby I won’t keep everything 😉

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks – the great thing is I don’t need a sewing machine and that means I can do it on vacation and I can do in front of TV.

  2. Ashley

    I definitely agree with Laura, when I saw your hexies I saw a baby quilt too! I think it’d be adorable! My husband also wants to make sure I don’t keep everything, but it’s so hard 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks – I think I am just going to keep going and see when I get bored of doing them. Hopefully that will mean a baby quilt size 🙂

      1. Ashley

        How long did it take you to piece all of those together? I love the look of hexies and would love a pillow sized grouping, but am afraid of all the hand sewing 🙂

      2. mlwilkie Post author

        So the 37 was probably 2 hours but I don’t concentrate purely on them. These are also small – probably 2.5 inches on each side (maybe 2). The hand sewing is not bad at all. You will enjoy it!

  3. snips

    Love your hexies! I think the would look lovely as a baby quilt!
    I’m in the process of making a queen size with 2 inch hexies, there’s a strong possibility that it will be downsized! 🙂

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