Sea Spray: HST Pillow Completed!!!

Sea spray is a spray of seawater that forms when ocean waves crash, or high winds are blowing.” (from wikipedia).

That, I think, perfectly describes this finished HST pillow.  It was a dash to the finish, for sure, but I managed to finish my pillow that I am swapping this weekend.  I based this pillow off “Crystallized” by Angela Mitchell’s pattern in the Pillow Pop book (page 82). Instead of using the warm and cool color combinations, I swapped the warm for low-volume prints and made the cool color rings a single color within a the ring (not mixed). IMG_7424

I quilted irregular lines in the low volume portion of the pillow, which you can see more clearly in this close-up.IMG_7426

The back of the pillow I kept simple with using a single Kona Blue fabric. The opening I used an invisible zipper through the middle of the pillow (as I had done in my other two cushions blogged here). IMG_7428

I am including a picture of the pillow top backing, as you can really see the quilting. The top, I used organic cotton batting with muslin as the backing which is what you see here.IMG_7430

So I love the finish, the hubby wanted to keep it…..I hope my swap partner likes it!!
I blogged previously, showing photos of the making of the pillow – those can be found here and here. I shared the above photos on the “Pillow Pop” flickr group – in case you are interested in joining.

I am linking up with AmandaJean @ CrazyMomQuilts for Finish it up Friday.

32 thoughts on “Sea Spray: HST Pillow Completed!!!

  1. Laura C

    Your partner will LOVE it. I love the close up of the delicious straight line quilting. I find in my own work that sometimes the blue-green combo can get mushy-looking (if that descriptor makes sense?) BUT your colors are bright and crisp. Great job!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I find it a little nerve wracking giving a person you don’t know well a home-made gift, that not knowing whether they will like it or not. Appreciate the support, gives me a little more confidence 🙂

      1. hydeeann

        i always feel that way about handmade gifts! so much time involved and a bit of yourself, too. if she doesn’t like it, you can send it to me. =) but of course she will.

  2. Ashley

    Ahhh! Michelle, I love this! Stellar job on all parts, but I especially love your quilting work. She’s going to love it for sure!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      thank you….I loved working with the HST. This was my first time so I am so pleased how it turned out and all nice and aligned, which made the quilting easier and possible 🙂

  3. hydeeann

    i am working on a hst quilt that is almost identical in pattern. am loving it. your pillow turned out fantastic. i especially like your choice of handquilting. superb!

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