Lovely Year of Finishes – September goal

Oh my gosh!!! I hate to do this, but have you started thinking about Christmas? The thought came to me this week when I got an order for two twin quilts. We started to discuss dates and then finally decided that the best timing for having the quilts done would be for Christmas gifts.

I don’t have too much to do directly for Christmas, 3 twin quilts and 3 stockings but I would like to partake in my company’s Christmas Craft fair. So right now I am thinking about stock I will need…

  • Christmas stockings (none in stock – would like 10-15)
  • Cushion/Pillow covers (only two in stock so far – thinking I need 10)
  • Chair bags/pockets (have 7 in stock but would like 14)
  • Gift card holders (none in stock – would like 10)
  • Pencil cases, Pencil rolls (none in stock but would like 10)

This means a lot of work between now and Christmas. This leads to this month’s “Lovely Year of Finishes” goal – I would like one of the twin quilts finished.
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I am deciding between one of the three following quilts to do this month (these are the 3 that need to be done by Christmas):

This quilt by Knotty Gnome

This quilt by Just Quilts

Or Candy Coated from Sunday Morning Quilts (the one on the cover):

Off to the drawing/design board and to see what others are up to this month.

25 thoughts on “Lovely Year of Finishes – September goal

  1. Laura C

    I did quilts for Christmas gifts last year and it almost killed me. You are right to start now! I need to start now too, especially because this sloooow knitter wants to knit some gifts too. I am serious when I say I might need to do some stockings like yours.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      You are so good, I promised my husband this time I would start early and work towards it…last year I think I did everything basically in the last two weeks before the fair….it was tough!!! (and a little crazy).

  2. Ashley

    oh! you are making me realize i need to get started NOW. i have about four that i want to do as christmas gifts. however – now I want to make those adorable stockings. how cute are they? that knotty gnome quilt is one of my all-time favorites right now for color and composition. LOVELY. your pillows are seriously so adorable!

  3. clumsykristel

    I have a couple things i want to have finished in time for Christmas too – a lap-sized quilt for my mom, a couple minis, and a baby quilt for a baby due a bit before Christmas. Naturally I haven’t started any of them!

    All three of those twin quilts are lovely, but that first one is just gorgeous – the colours are wonderful. I really like that one on the front cover of Sunday Quilts too – almost makes me like pink!

  4. Deborah Gunthorpe

    i always have such great goals for Christmas and usually don’t acheive them, but its always good to have a plan!

  5. LauraC

    Wow, it sounds like you will be one busy ladyfor the rest of the year. Such cute projects though. I’m setting my sewing gift list low this year and just helping my daughter make potholders out of her artwork to give to grandparents.

  6. a little bird made me

    I wrote a similar list for myself a day or two ago, so that I could map out what needs to be done for the craft stall I have booked and paid for….. and am also freaking out a bit! I am fairly confident that I have bitten off more than I can chew. But – I will not be defeated. It looks like I have an au pair to start soon, so am hoping that will create some space in my life to sew…….. I am the eternal optimist!

      1. a little bird made me

        It has turned into a massive house re-organisation, with my sewing area moving rooms! Not quite sure what the end product will be but am so far into it now that it has to keep going or we will be reduced to using one room in the house!!

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