Threadbias design tool review + Quilt Design

This week, if you have been following, you would have seen I have been trying out design tool for designing quilts. Overall, I am loving it !! I have learnt so much in a week.

What do I like about the tool:

  • The price – $10 a month. You can cancel the subscription at any time and you will be allowed to use it until the period you have paid for ends
  • Free tutorials. So, far I have not used the tutorials but I do plan to take the time while I am out on vacation.
  • The ease of use.
  • Time saving – I have had these ideas in my head so long and just have not had the time to put them on paper.
  • The availability of fabrics to add to your tool stash in which you can use in your design. This way you can get an idea how it will look.
  • Its ability to select a shape and to replicate across and down (tiles).
  • The display of fabric requirements – that shows you how much fabric you would need for each print you use in the design you create.
  • The ability to add borders around your quilt easily (tool option on the menu)
  • The ability to save the images/export them.

My initial wants:

  • Ability to add a rectangle and split it up with stripes to mimic an improv block. The choices for adding the stripes would be same width + straight, random differing widths + straight, and then same sized + sloped/straight random, random differing widths + sloped/straight random.
  • Export image with ruler & grid
  • Ability to select all within a region by clicking your mouse to start and draw a region and then release…then I would like to copy that area and paste.
  • Ability to print the fabric requirements list.
  • I would love it if I could import the image and requirements into another tool for pattern creation, where the pattern tool would provide you a template or allow you to use a template.

Here are the designs I have created this week with the design tool:

This way, That way
Natural Corridors

A “Pinky” is a pink marshmallow chocolate bar we have in New Zealand. This theme is right in line with my new quilt design….”Pinky”. I had mentioned previously, that I want to do Candy Coated Quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts. As I started thinking about it, I wanted to make it my own, so I changed it to this. Now, all I have to do is decide on the Chocolate or the Grey borders around the improv blocks. What do you think??
PinkyBar_Chocolate_QuiltDesign PinkyBar_QuiltDesign

Please note, my review of Design Tool is not sponsored, or been requested. The likes and wants are purely my own opinions.

11 thoughts on “Threadbias design tool review + Quilt Design

  1. Ashley

    CHOCOLATE BORDERS. Oh my gosh, love that design. Make it today!!!! I want this tool! But, then I would make my list of to-do quilts EVEN LONGER. Why am I yelling at you? Because I’ve had to much caffeine 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      LOL….you are so funny. The tool is fantastic, I have started making the this way, that way blocks today and they are looking great.

      I am favoring the chocolate too :-)… I need to go and get me some coffee!!! got lost in making the blocks today.

  2. clumsykristel

    This is an interesting one – pink and chocolate is always a great combination, but somehow I’m drawn to the one with the grey (which, I see from your comments, I’m the only one who has been!). I’ve made a pink and brown quilt before, but I do notice that somehow when I make warm coloured things, I pretty nearly always wind up adding a splash of cool to them, and in that case, I added some blue and green to some of the blocks. (Interestingly, I don’t do the same I make something out of all cool fabrics.) All that by way of likely explanation for my preferring the grey to the chocolate. Anyway, I think it’ll come out beautifully either way.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I am torn about the grey and the chocolate. The chocolate adds the warmth but I have always loved the grey/pink combination. I might just have to make two 🙂

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