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Big Q4 Goals!!

I have big goals for Q4 and trying to finish up a few projects, start and finish some of the quilt design a day designs, and finish two sew mama sew projects.

A few projects:
1. Bjorn the Bear 2. Olive 3. Spoonflower Sampler 4. Phased Circles 5. Jungle Ave. Tapa Cloth

Make up these  2-3 of these designs in addition to the sew mama sew projects. If you are interested in testing these patterns when they are complete…let me know by leaving a comment below.

mosaicb0de6cdea170bea7ea0e74c47736ef49806680d61. Transparency 2. Cherie Quilt (60 x 60″) 3. Plus (20″ cushion) 4. Rangers Station (60 x 60″)

Lastly, two Sew Mama Sew projects that are based on these palettes:
Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.58.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.58.57 PM

For my super busy quarter and to keep me honest, I am linking up with Katy @ The littlest thistle for 2014 Finish Along.

Finish Along 2014 

Q3 Goals + July ALYoF

This month/quarter I am definitely concentrating on my WiP pile, which gets larger every month somehow??.

My number one goal for this quarter and July is to finish my “Phased Circles” Quilt. I already know how I am quilting the top but I do not know what I am doing for the back…except it will be using black and white prints of Carolyn Friedlander’s lines. I was thinking that will add a nice balance to the colors on the front.
Phased Circles Outside

Linking this one up with ALYoF (see button on the right).

Other finishes, I want to aim for this quarter are:

  • Wonky Herringbone Place mats + Tutorial inclusive of block designPlacemats _basted

That’s it I think, might as well aim high 😉

Linking up with Katy @ The Little Thistle for Finish Along 2014.


Tale of two quilts

I would like to try to keep on target for my goals for 2014 finishes. To do that I am leveraging two link-ups

  1.  A lovely year of finishes which is a monthly link-up which allows you to put a goal for that month. It could be finish blocks or finish a quilt top or a complete project. Link-up post is here.
  2. Finish Along 2014 which is a quarterly link-up in which you have a list of projects you would like to completely finish. For example, a quilt that has been bound and quilted (not just a top), the same goes with any other project.

    Finish Along 2014

My main goals are to finish two quilts (one being a lap quilt and the second a twin) this quarter:

Riley Blake Challenge Quilt

X & + Quilt

Additional smaller projects include:
Border + Lines Quilt I: Hothouse of OrchidsHothouse_of_Orchids

Pillow Projects


Pot holders