Phased Circles, deadlines met!!


It’s finished and entered into QuiltCon. This was an epic quilting journey over the last week. Total hours of quilting = ~77 hours.

I had a couple of moments there, where I did not think I would make it, or I wasn’t sure I made the right quilting choice for the outer border. I am so thankful for a couple of friends  was texting with, and the IG community, without the support this definitely would not have been finished on time.

This is now my favorite quilt I have made, and over the next couple of days I want to share with you a couple of posts.  One on the design choices I made and why and the other on the matching binding.

In the meantime, here are some of my IG photos of my week’s progress.mosaic28491bd5b0ae3086c18072c732c823281fe8ba171. Block 1 front finished Dec 16th, 2. Block 1 back,  3.  Block 2 back, 4. Tuesday: Block 2 front, 5. Wednesday: Blocks 2&3, 6. Thursday: Blocks 1-4, 7. Friday: Blocks 1-5, 7. Saturday: Blocks 1-6 and 1/2 outer border quilted, 8. Sunday: All done without the binding


Name: Phased Circles
Dimensions: ~ 56″ x 60″
Design: Michelle Wilkie (inspired by a doodle)
Quilted: Walking foot

Blocks: Matchstick quilting (vertical and horizontal), Crosshatch quilting
Border: 1″ Straight Line quilting
Thread – Aurifil: A fantastic range of cottons that allowed me to match my fabrics perfectly, and made such a difference in textures. Blue block: 6738, 2725; Orange Block: 1133; Green Block: 2835, 5015; Pink Block: 1100, 2600; Jade: 2810, 5007; Gold: 5022, 2110 (not all colors shown in the picture below).

Fabric for Front: Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona Curry, Valentine, Breakers, Torch, Wasabi, Prussian, White
Backing: Black, White and Grey Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona White and Black
Binding: Matching Binding technique (matching prints/solids)

Linking up for A lovely year of finishes and with Amanda Jean’s (@crazymomquilts)  for Finish it up Friday. Also this was one of my Q4 Finish Along 2014 goals.

Finish Along 2014

26 thoughts on “Phased Circles, deadlines met!!

  1. Cathy M Winter

    Wow! I love this & look forward to seeing it later …perhaps hanging in Austin at Quilt Con. I was scrambling earlier today trying to finish my Michael Miller challenge piece to then upload in my entry application for Quilt Con….

  2. Lizzie T

    Congrats!! You know, I just love that unexpected block of pink in there! Not a color that is easy to be fresh with, but it is beautifully balanced and the binding is spotless. I just wish I could see this in person, as I think the quilting must be exquisite.

  3. terryaskeartquilts

    Holy crow! 77 hours of quilting! I know what it’s like to be quilting to a deadline, although for QuiltCon I entered quilts already made, and so didn’t get caught up in the deadline drama. I love your quilt, and hope to see it on display in Austin.

  4. kittywilkin

    This is GORGEOUS! Congratulations on a fabulous finish, and I look forward to seeing it in person at QuiltCon! I can completely relate to the value of having real-time support on IG! The post I just posted had a special shout-out to a quilting-blogger buddy who walked me through (emotionally) my first bag ever. Congrats, and gorgeous quilt!

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