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Through the Shattered Looking-Glass Design

This is just a short post, to share a design I have had in my head for a couple of months and finally managed to get it down using threadbias.com.

Design Name: Through the shattered looking-glass
Inspiration/idea: I had this idea about looking through a looking-glass/magnifying glass Then what if the glass had been shattered how great would improv blocks represent the broken glass.
Color choices: Blues = sky, Orange/red/yellow = flowers, greens = grass

I would love some feedback and thoughts…what do you think?




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WiP Wednesday {02.10.2013} + October goal

I made more of the This way, That way blocks and I think I am almost ready to start pattern writing. Here are the first 4 blocks of 25. My October goal for “A lovely year of finishes” is to finish the This way, That way quilt  completed and have the pattern complete, tested and reviewed.


Design Idea
Initial Testing Block Design

I am also in the process of selecting fabric scraps for making a couple of low volume scrappy blocks. I decided to pull out some with color:

Then a second lot with white, black or grey palette:

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Yellow-eyed Penguin – paper piecing

Juliet @ Tartan Kiwi (her blog is here) has done another amazing job and created a new paper piecing pattern for the little Yellow-eyed Penguin.

The yellow-eyed penguin is one of New Zealand’s native birds, considered endangered and one of the world’s rarest penguins. I think he is very cute, I love the yellow eyes and the plumage coloring.Yellow_Penguin_Eye_to_Eye
(Photo/Image from http://mesh.biology.washington.edu/penguinProject/yelloweyed)

Here is how my 10×10″ block turned out. The pattern is 12×12″ and I used the 84% when printing. All the fabric I used were scraps taken from my scrap bin, except for the background where I used a fat quarter of “Hands on Deck, aqua”  by Maritime Modern for Riley Blake with solid scraps.


The penguin was a delight to make up. Juliet’s pattern is not for a beginner and definitely offered a challenge, especially the A block – the head.YellowEyedPenguin_CloseUp

The head has several small pieces around the eye. You might be able to see it here in the close-up. Around the eye are 6 yellow pieces….this was the second attempt. I love the personality of this penguin’ s face.YellowEyedPenguin_Eye

She has a giveaway for her kea pattern if you want to go out check out her blog. Don’t forget to check out Juliet’s pattern page on Craftsy.

I plan making most of Juliet’s NZ native birds, here are some of the posts so far:

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  • Yellow-eyed Penguin
  • Pukeko (underway)
  • Fantail (coming soon)

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