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Meal plan – week 4

I would love to know what others are doing to eat well, or what your family is trying out, what life style challenges have you undertaken. Do you have healthy recipes to share? To make it easier to share I am starting this weekly blog hop (see below).


This week, I was much better at sticking with the meal plan. I made a couple of meals in the slow cooker which helped out a lot. The slow-cooker dal was very tasty….recipe to come soon. I am still struggling with the whole breakfast thing; so this week I am focussing on going to bed at 10:30pm and getting up 30 mins early to make breakfast.

This is our meal plan for the week:

Saturday Oatmeal with grated apple + sultanas Brown Rice Spaghetti
Sunday Vegetable Omlete Stuffed Bell Pepper with Quinoa
Monday Oatmeal with Banana+Unsalted Peanut Butter Slow-cook Vegetable Chilli
Tuesday Fruit Salad with Flax seed Vegetable Burritos (or Tacos)
Wednesday Bircher Muesli (with soy not diary) Pizza (using FlatOut Bread instead of Whole Wheat Pita)
Thursday Whole grain cereal+Soy Fish Stew
Friday Bircher Muesli (with soy not diary) Bean Burgers + Salad

I am making one big splurge this week – I am making the best orange cake tomorrow.

Like with any blog hop:

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Meal Plan – Week 2

So, the first week on the plan was a little tough, especially Monday-Wednesday. I craved everything; sugar, cheese, meat and fresh bread. I managed to stay with the plan most of the time, and was happy when I found suitable options that I could eat at my favorite Friday lunch place.

I plan to pre-make some meals this week, especially for breakfast as I find it hard to make the time for it. I prefer to get the extra time in bed :-). Tonight, I am making a vegetable chill in the slow-cooker to have on hand for lunch or dinner, when I change my mind. For lunch, which I normally pick up at work, there were great options in our new cafe. It has a new global section that has a vegan/vegetarian option, it varies from stir fries to indian to mexican; there is also a great salad bar.

I plan on making dessert tonight – found several recipes for date balls which sound great. I am picking things out from several recipes and combining it into something I hope I like 😉

Here’s this weeks menu:

Day Breakfast Dinner
Saturday Vegetarian Omlete Lentil and Kale Soup
Sunday Oatmeal with grated apple + sultanas Steamed Fish and Vegetable Pockets + Quinoa
Monday Oatmeal with Banana+Unsalted Peanut Butter Stir Fry + Brown Rice
Tuesday Fruit Salad with Flax seed Curried Pumpkin Soup
Wednesday Fruit Salad with Flax seed Pizza (using FlatOut Bread instead of Whole Wheat Pita)
Thursday Oatmeal with grated apple + sultanas Vegetable Omlete
Friday Fruit Salad with Flax seed Bean Burgers + Salad