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Phased Circles, deadlines met!!


It’s finished and entered into QuiltCon. This was an epic quilting journey over the last week. Total hours of quilting = ~77 hours.

I had a couple of moments there, where I did not think I would make it, or I wasn’t sure I made the right quilting choice for the outer border. I am so thankful for a couple of friends  was texting with, and the IG community, without the support this definitely would not have been finished on time.

This is now my favorite quilt I have made, and over the next couple of days I want to share with you a couple of posts.  One on the design choices I made and why and the other on the matching binding.

In the meantime, here are some of my IG photos of my week’s progress.mosaic28491bd5b0ae3086c18072c732c823281fe8ba171. Block 1 front finished Dec 16th, 2. Block 1 back,  3.  Block 2 back, 4. Tuesday: Block 2 front, 5. Wednesday: Blocks 2&3, 6. Thursday: Blocks 1-4, 7. Friday: Blocks 1-5, 7. Saturday: Blocks 1-6 and 1/2 outer border quilted, 8. Sunday: All done without the binding


Name: Phased Circles
Dimensions: ~ 56″ x 60″
Design: Michelle Wilkie (inspired by a doodle)
Quilted: Walking foot

Blocks: Matchstick quilting (vertical and horizontal), Crosshatch quilting
Border: 1″ Straight Line quilting
Thread – Aurifil: A fantastic range of cottons that allowed me to match my fabrics perfectly, and made such a difference in textures. Blue block: 6738, 2725; Orange Block: 1133; Green Block: 2835, 5015; Pink Block: 1100, 2600; Jade: 2810, 5007; Gold: 5022, 2110 (not all colors shown in the picture below).

Fabric for Front: Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona Curry, Valentine, Breakers, Torch, Wasabi, Prussian, White
Backing: Black, White and Grey Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona White and Black
Binding: Matching Binding technique (matching prints/solids)

Linking up for A lovely year of finishes and with Amanda Jean’s (@crazymomquilts)  for Finish it up Friday. Also this was one of my Q4 Finish Along 2014 goals.

Finish Along 2014

4 days to go and counting

It is a mad race to the finish, in my house at the moment. I even took the additional 3 days off work to focus on quilting. I am desperately trying to finish my “Phased Circles” quilt so I can enter it in QuiltCon on Sunday.

Phased Circles Outside
(I know you have seen it before, sorry it will be over soon).

I might need a sanity check after this one. I decided to choose matchstick quilting and each block is taking me about 12 hours….but I am loving how it looks and feels. Here are blocks 1 & 2 which I have switched the direction of the matchstick quilting. Blocks1_2_quilting_top

Blocks 2 & 3, where I changed up 3 to be crosshatched/gridded quilting. Blocks2_3_quilted

The quilting on the back pops on the black fabric!! Blocks2_3_quilting_back So, on that note 3 more blocks, a border to quilt and binding to go….and only 4 days. I might have a couple a very long days/nights.

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Getting back to it….

I am sure we have all had those weeks. You know when you have no idea when you will get back to your hobbies (i.e. quilting) or blogging. That has been my last month at work.

Good news though, I was able to go on our Modern Quilt Guild’s retreat this weekend, jump starting a couple of projects. It was great to spend time with friends and so many great projects were created/worked on!!

One of my biggest successes this weekend, was I finally started quilting Phased Circles, choosing matchstick quilting. I love how the first block has turned out, however I could be in trouble for finishing this up Nov 30th for quiltcon….the one block took at least 12 hours….5 more to go.
Phased Circles Block1 Quilted Top Phased Circles Block1 Quilted Back

Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Phased Circles Quilt  30NOV2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (UNDERWAY), BIND
Celestial Spheres
(Part 1)
Celestial Spheres
(Part 2)
Sew Mama Sew
(Project 3)
Bjorn the Bear  Early DEC2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Rangers Station  DEC2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

The other project I have made progress on over the last week is my next Sew Mama Sew Project, which is a circular project. I am thinking of changing up the standard circular quilting and creating a maze quilt pattern such as this:
Source: Shutterstock.com

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